08 May, 2010

Keeping Up

Here we are, the eighth of May already. Where does the time go?

I know where some of it goes - watching the guys work on the guesthouse. Here's some examples of recent progress:
Grouting the Living Room/Kitchen
The floor tiles are pretty much all in. Grouting is in progress and may be done or mostly done today, even though Saturday is a short work day.

Along with the floor tile, the tiling of the shower is moving right along as well, as you can see below. The bare box in the background is a cutout we had them put in so that we had a built-in shelf in the shower for shampoo and some of the other foo-foo stuff.
Shower Tile Just About Finished
There's also a narrow ledge we had them install on the bottom to facilitate leg-shaving (I just hate when I nick my legs).

We also have a couple extra guys today, brought on to finish off the roof ridge. They're filling the blocks and plastering the inner facing of it all the way around. At least today isn't as hot as the past few days have been for them up on top.
Plastering the Roof Ridge
While I was on the roof, I thought the view of the big rocks Robert is placing along the canal entrance channel would be better, but it's about the same as from the ground level. I guess I'm just going to have to walk all the way around to there and take some photos.
Big Rocks on the Canal Entrance
This morning, while we were walking the doggies, there was a new boat on the hard at the boatyard on Miami Beach.
Paloma on the Hard
I haven't seen this one here before. Paloma (Spanish for Dove) is a local fishing boat, probably from Sarteneja. It has quite a nice paint job on the hull, too.

Speaking of photos, I just remembered I used to have a Flash slide-show playing in the blog margins, that showed sooner or later all of the photos I have stashed on Flickr (a lot of photos). When I rebuilt the blog-site some time back, that feature fell through the cracks, you might say. Even if you don't, it disappeared from the blog till this morning, when I finally resurrected it. You can click on photos in the slide-show and you will automatically be taken to to the collection on Flickr. Once you're there, you can see all the photos that never made the cut for the blog. They're not any worse than the ones I put up on the blog (not that those are that good either), it's just that there ends up being so many, I couldn't possibly put all of them up here.

So, there we are for a Saturday morning. Do something constructive, then take the rest of the day off.


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