02 April, 2010

Waiting For the Electrician

Or Someone Like Him...

Hmmm, now where have I heard that before?

But, I really am waiting for the electrician.
Main Power Panel  For the Whole Place
I have wires waiting just for the electrician to hook up another breaker and send Joe Electron down to the guesthouse. The curved pieces above is just my convenient storage location for some plastic bull-nose corner molding I had left over.
From the House to the Tubing
Once it's hooked up at the power panel, it's out of the house into the breezeway (photo above, the big pipe) and across the driveway.
Down and Across the Driveway
Then it runs a couple hundred feet underground to the guesthouse where it comes up and goes into the wall just above the power panel.
Up the Wall Into the Guesthouse Power Panel
Guesthouse Power Panel
So, it really is ready for the electrician. I'll have him hook up a couple of outlets in the house so the constructioneers have some power for their radio... oh yeh, and tools too.

I just looked it up on Wikipedia. Looking for the Electrician or Someone Like Him was Firesign Theatre's first album, released in 1968. Ah, Lord. That was a while ago now, wasn't it?


JRinSC said...

Hi Dave!

Looking good... you should hire out!! And we got some more shots of the yard as a an added bonus. Please tell your better half that she has done a great job!

Now, 1968, hmmm.. Ah, August 18, 1968 was the day I reported for duty aboard the Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarine USS Ray (SSN653). Got off of her on Nov. 1st, 1972 when I got out of the Navy. You are right - where did the years go???

When did you say your new pump motor was to arrive??

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

June 10, 1968 - Boot Camp San Diego.
April 10, 1972 - I got out of the Navy as well. The only way I was ever gonna get off of the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2).

Motor should be in-country now, might be delivered shortly after the 6th (I hope, hope, hope).

JRinSC said...

Interesting Dave... I entered Boot Camp at Camp Nimitz, San Diego, on Nov. 3rd, 1966 -- just to get it ready for you.

Never really saw much of San Diego except lovely Camp Nimitz... no money and no car will do that to you. Now, we did to go that famous Mexican town just south of National City a few times.

Dave Rider said...

And I appreciate your getting it ready for us too. The beds were comfy and the furnishings almost like home.

TJ was ok for an afternoon. I eventually got a car ('65 Valiant) after a couple of years.

A bunch of us used to go to Ensenada and camp on the beach behind an army base down there.

Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... I think I see the problem. We are also waiting for the electrician to do work on our place (several years behind yours) just North of Monkey River. If he is the same electrician, then "How can he be in two places at once, ....".

Enjoyed your blog,

Nick Danger, Third Eye

Anonymous said...

Nick Danger here again:

What gauge wire did you use in the run? We used 4/0 for a ~200 foot run and this worked out well for the loads we are planning on using. You might want to run your numbers through a voltage drop calculator such as

just to see if there may be any issue (if you have not done this already).

If you have other electrical questions,I would suggest contacting Hugh Leyton in Belmopan, a retired electrical engineer. I don't have his personal email address on hand, but he should be in the phone directory.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the nice comment and the link as well.

Rocky Rococo

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave and Dianna (aka Rocky R.),

I think we have all passed the introductory challenges, back and forth.

I have been enjoying your blog for sometime, but lurking in the background. My wife, Wilma, sends you comments from time to time.

We are going to be even more isolated north of Monkey River than you, so it is good to see the responses you have to the various challenges Paradise can throw at you.

It is also gratifying to find someone who remembers Firesign Theater.

Once we move there fulltime, I hope we can get together at some point.

You have done a great job.

Hopefully The Electrican arrives on Wednesday.

Best regards,

Dennis (aka Wilma's odder half, aka Nick Danger, aka RiffRaff).

Dave Rider said...

Hi Anonymous... er,Dennis... er, Nick... er, Riff... er, Odder Half...

Look, whatever your name is, thanks for the nice comments about the blog.

Looks like Wilma's got her hands full with these multiple personalities.

Getting together would be nice. I'll PM Wilma my contact info.

Dave... er, Rocky... er, Winjama...