02 January, 2010

Trash Metal Has Come To Corozal

Even though I've written some about Hailey's Beach Bar just up the road from us, and lauded their hamburgers and the fact that they're the only bar in town serving draft Belikin beer, I really hate to write about them again as it's a disappointing reason to write about.

They seem to have gone out of their way the past couple of months to royally piss off all of their neighbors and the surrounding area (we live over 1/2 mile away, as the crow flies) with the excessive noise coming from their establishment.

Not only is the noise (I'm not calling it music, because at this distance, all we usually get is the thump of the bass) extremely loud, but it frequently goes on well past 2:00 AM. In fact a couple of weeks or so ago, it went till about 4:15 AM, and just after Christmas, the racket was going strong till about 5:15 AM.

This evening seems to be the corker. I don't know if this is their last gasp - maybe they've lost their lease (one can only hope). They've brought in a band that sounds like they'd like to be able to play heavy metal, of the variety commonly called 'thrash metal'. That's what it would be called if they could only play.

Oh, they have the volume and we're getting the benefit of the hoarse, deep-throated roars that pass for vocals, and the hard-driven drums. It probably wouldn't sound too bad if there was some talent there. Lord knows, I used to really get off on Black Sabbath (the early days, before Ozzie became a known quantity) and a few others, Deep Purple, Led Zep, and even threw in some Judas Priest, etc.

Now, as much as a good heavy bass riff should feature in metal music, that's pretty much all I don't hear, so even that experience is wasted. Of course, it's only 9:30 PM, so there's probably plenty of time for something to develop.

There's been a campaign in the neighborhood to get Hailey's to tone it down a bit at night. Like following the town ordinance for noise (midnight is the cutoff). During the day, they generally play a stereo at a volume that you can even carry on a conversation while sitting close by. But, at night, it's a different situation.

The campaign has encouraged folks to send complaint letters to the Corozal Police Department, the local Liquor Licensing Board, and the Town Mayor. The folks at Hailey's have decided that the neighborhood is out to shut them down, which is not the case. We just want them to un-crank the volume knob.

Our guess is that their business probably won't suffer too much as a result even with the volume down. A friend of ours went up their one morning at 1:30 AM, after enduring a sleepless night, to talk to them about the noise. She reported back that the bank of speakers from the DJ were aimed out to the water. No one was sitting outside anywhere near the speakers. the six customers Hailey's had at the time were all sitting inside. She asked them why they didn't bring the speakers inside to control the noise. Their answer was that it would be too loud for them!?

Like I said, their burgers have been good, the draft beer has been good also, but there are things to be said for a reasonable night's sleep. I can put up with a DJ's music till midnight, although I think, since we live over 1/2 mile away, that it seems reasonable to think their music is just a tad louder than it needs to be. I just wish, with the metal tonight that there was some talent and not so much 'trash'.

Since there is a 'hotel zone' right there, with Tony's Inn and Beach Resort, Corozal Bay Resort, and Hotel Paradise Bay Villas - all in close proximity to Hailey's. There's at least a couple others further away from Hailey's, Copa Banana Guest House and Almond Tree Resort. Keep in mind though that they're closer than my place. I can't believe any of them are happy with this current noise fest.

I'd hate to see Hailey's go away. They do have good burgers, and other food too along with the good beer and a great location... But, if the noise situation keeps going the way it has, and with tonight, I'd have to say, it's getting worse, perhaps going away would be the best thing. At least we'd get some sleep.


Julian in SC said...

Boy, glad I'm not staying at either Tony's or Corozal Bay Resort. That would be so close the walls would probably vibrate.

I'm surprised that Herman the German hasn't complained to the right people already and put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

Ah my mind wanders to the glorious sound of a boom box blaring from a one room thatched roof shack at two in the morning. Or better yet, the papaya trucks at four in the morning.

Wolf said...

Been there lately and the burgers were indeed a treat, but we had to sit as far distant from the house as we probably could, because the volume inside was probably beyond 80 dB, and that was during daytime.
I'd also hate to see them go, as they are one of the few inexpensive choices to sit by the water in Corozal. Please guys, come to your senses!

Dave K said...

Hi; I'm Dave K. from N.E.Pa. Just trying to get a handle on "normal" life in Belize. Your site has helped me in this cause. I do have a question, Would you know the location of Scotty's Bar and Grill ?. I think its a small family owned and run establishment. Also does it have a reputation ?. Thanks; Dave K.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Dave K.,

Thanks. I'm glad you find the blog of value. It's nice to hear.

As a matter of fact, I do know the location of Scotty's. It's on the north side of Corozal, near the Civic Center. They serve good burgers, pizza and cold Belikins.

Nancy runs it. Her husband, Scott, still has to work (whatever that is) Stateside. Nice folks.

I'm assuming by 'reputation' you're asking is it loud, etc.? No, it's usually pretty quiet - unless maybe on Superbowl Sunday or the World Series, that sort of thing.

Hope this helps.