14 November, 2009

Bikers Everywhere

On our walk this morning, as we passed by Tony's Inn and Beach Resort, we walked through a crowd of upwards of a hundred cyclists getting ready to take part in Rider Out Diabetes. This stage of the event, although not a race, will still be somewhat grueling in the heat of the day, as they will be riding today from Corozal Town to Belize City - which will take the riders about five hours to complete.
From the Belize Diabetes Association Website (
The Belize Diabetes Association sought all riders, people with diabetes and concerned citizens of Belize who want to see better care for diabetes in Belize to join in the ride and help spread the word about diabetes.

There was no requirement to finish the ride or ride both days since the key to this "Ride Out Diabetes" event was to show participation from a large group that will demonstrate to Belize that people are aware of this silent killer and are willing to take a stand in fighting this disease.
Getting Ready For the Start
The ride has two parts. First day started in Corozal Town. The opening ceremony started at 6:00am sharp (about the time we came through with the doggies) at TONY'S Hotel in Corozal and shortly after that the ride was started. The riders plan to stop for refreshments in Orange Walk, then it's on to Belize City for the finish.

The girls even got their pictures taken by a couple of the event's riders. They commented "I want a picture of the dogs who carry the money" - a reference to the "fine" movie - the Doberman Gang. Believe me, the dogs were the best actors in the movie.

After leaving the bikers and their support vehicles, police escort, and other groupies, etc., Doug and I continued on our walk, which was pretty uneventful with the exception of having to watch another of those gorgeous sunrises we have here.
Just In Time For the Morning Cast
Ahhh, just another postcard morning here in paradise.


Wilma said...

Hi Dave,

happy to see that the Ride Out Diabetes had good participation.

Your sunrise photo is lovely. I like how the silhouette of the palm tree on the left draws one's attention from left to right across the calm daybreak with the hint of the day's activities yet to come as the fisherman prepares to cast his net.


JRinSC said...

Hey Dave,

Do you still have your motor scooter? If so, maybe you can use it to ride with the bikers next year. That would be cool.. you could get us blog readers to contribute so much a mile. Just think, the dogs could lope along and you could take turns letting them climb us with you to take a rest break. Does it carry enough gas to get all the way on one tank??

Ahh.. what a mental image I can conjure reading the last paragraph!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,
Thanks for the nice comment about the photo. It was one of those "There it is at that instant" kind of shots. It worked out.


Oh, You so funny.

Yeh, but then I'd have to get the scooter back up here. My butt would be dragging in the dirt.