15 November, 2009

Art In The Park

Wow! Tonight was the third Art in the Park event held on the second Saturday each month from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. This was our first time coming to it. Quite the event. Many artists, artisans and crafters, food vendors, and organizations in the Corozal Town Central Square Park. What a nice evening.
Art In the Park - Third Time's The Charm
The Park Really Comes to Life
After Dark - With Some Live Jazz
As most folks who live here know, most of the grackles in the area roost each night in Central Park. Last night was no exception. While Art in the Park was going on and while the band was playing, the grackles added to the event with their own raucous mix. Here's just a few of the many hundreds of grackles who spend each night in the park.
Trees Full of Birds
There were, as you might imagine, quite a few artists in attendance. Displaying their talent made for a fun walk around the park, looking at everything they had to offer.

One of the more unique offerings was Bob Wright ( with his exotic wood turnings. He brought quite an impressive collection of bowls and trays to sell.
Jim Talking With Bob Wright
Below, Debbie is showing a few of her beautiful photographs to Mike and Mary. Incidentally, Deb is one of the major organizers of Art in the Park.
Deb Displaying Her Photos
Art in the Park is also an opportunity to meet up with friends you haven't seen for a while. Here's Earl, who lives up on Four Mile Lagoon, in conversation with Jim, from the south end. You can also see Mae, who is active in Rotary and was helping staff Rotary's Popcorn concession.
Earl and Jim Deep In Conversation
While I was cruising around taking snapshots, Dianna was busy checking out the art for sale.
Looking at Some Photos For Sale
In between looking at all the stuff for sale, there's always time for some conversation. Here's Dianna and Sandra having a good time.
Dianna and Sandra
There was even some jewelry makers in evidence. Here's Mary with some of the many earrings she had for sale.
Earrings for Sale
I can't forget to mention that there were quite a few paintings for sale. Several were of Corozal scenes, both past and present.
Paintings on Display
Although we were tempted, we resisted getting any pieces for right now. We felt we needed to finish our construction before we started venturing into too much of the art world.

Besides we were getting hungry. We didn't want snacks, even though we did buy four pieces of chocolate fudge from one of the vendors for breakfast this morning. What we had in mind was a nice sit-down dinner at Pattie's. Unfortunately, they were closed. We next tried Vamps. Same story. I dunno.

If Art in the Park continues to prosper, these restaurants need to wake up and support this. Folks are going to work up an appetite shopping for art. We ended up again at Hailey's. No surprise there. Cold draft beer, good food, good music at a reasonable volume, water-front seating. A Caribbean jewel if there ever was one.

Altogether, it was a nice end to a fun evening. We're looking forward to many more Art in the Park experiences.


Wilma said...

That looks like a fun evening.

JRinSC said...

I agree with Wilma, a good time was evidently had by all! I imagine I would have gone home with a bunch of neat stuff if I had been there.

Sorry you missed the one last year!