08 May, 2009

A Visit to the Almond Tree Hotel Resort

The other day, we were on our way to a party at Elsie's, partly to introduce everyone to Dennis, a friend of Elsie's from when they worked together (whatever work is). We were going to pick up Lynn and take her along with us to the party.

Lynn and Bob (who's out of the country doing a delivery transit of their power catamaran) are developing the Almond Tree Hotel Resort, a soon-to-be (we hope) up-scale resort located just across the canal from our place.

Since it had been quite some time since we had been over to the Almond Tree, I snapped a few photos to show you how they're progressing.

First up, the pool. It's really looking cool. It as an integrated spa area, waterfall, and in-pool seating areas.
The Waterfall and Pump House
From End to End
A lot of nice deck area for sunbathing, etc., and a huge assortment of plants, make for a pleasant experience.
Looking Towards the Bar Area
Across the Pool
Pump and Filter
Pool From the Bar
Another View of the Pool From the Bar
Next, we move just into the bar/dining area.
Bar Seating Area
Floor Compass Rose in Bar
The bar area goes completely through the building. So, from one side you can see the pool, the other, there's a great view of the bay.
The Bar With Kitchen Pass-Through
View of the Bay From the Bar
And then, outside to the bay side. Here's Dianna enjoying the sights.

Dianna Looking Toward Corozal
Ready to Try Out Lounge Chairs
Looking the other direction (toward Cerros) is the breakwater and boat landing.
Boat Landing
Just about the time we were ready to leave, Lynn introduced us to Rocky, her Coatimundi
(Nasua narica). Rocky is pretty cool, loving to play, eat, and sleep.

Lynn and Rocky
Lynn Coaxing Rocky
Rocky Loves Playing With Earrings
Exploring the Wall
Rocky Doing More Exploring
Rocky and Nevada Are Good Friends
Lynn has really landscaped the place with lots of exotic and native plants, like the two below.
Unique Palm Tree
Elephant Ear Plant
And finally, just across a vacant lot to the south of the Almond Tree is Jerri's place. A pretty unique place on it's own.
Jerri's Place


Unknown said...

Great photo's Dave.(except the ones of me) You think you could take a coarse on photo touch ups? I never realized all my wrinkles before. Or maybe getting a camera that doesn't take too good of photos???? Also the name is Almond Tree Hotel Resort. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what it looked like inside. Lots of construction work was always going on there while we stayed in the duplex the past few years. Hope they can open up soon. It looks lovely.

corozal dave said...

I too have been watching this property for many is amazing what they have done with this formerly semi completed building. It's been transformed into what looks to be the best place in town.
I'll find out in just over 3 weeks, my wife and I will be staying there while we are shopping for furniture and all the other stuff you need to turn a new house into a home. Don't know how I'll be able to walk past the beautiful pool without diving in. Lynn and Bob have done a first rate job on this place.