06 May, 2009

Suspicious Behavior Continues and Coming Clean

So that all of you can begin to relax and finally get a good night's sleep, I'm providing this information "leaked" by the Belize Defense Forces and the US Army.

Apparently, they would like us to belive that the activity was a "Medical Readiness and Training Exercise." The "exercise" was a joint training operation involving the US Army, Detachment 7212, Medical Service Unit (MSU). The "exercise" was conducted in several villages in the Corozal District.

The US Army provided a 30 member medical team who worked with BDF troops to provide general medical care, eye and dental care in four villages in the Corozal district, "treating" more than three thousand people during the exercise.

The US Army veterinarians also "treated" more than 200 area domestic and farm animals (including Miss Blue, who was already mentioned in the previous posting of this blog).

The medical team will be returning to Minnesota on Friday. Now, isn't that just the tinyest, eensy-weensy, little bit suspicious? No one in their right mind would willingly return to temperatures as cold as have been shown up in that part of the world. In fact that calls into question the so-called "Canadians", who routinely profess to live even further north. With the severe winter weather that occurs up there, such "willingness" must really be called into question.


Ok. Enough of the conspiracy theory stuff. It was fun, but I'm becoming consumed with guilt since they (the US Army Veterinarians) are doing an awesome job. In our case alone, not only did they help Miss Blue yesterday, but today I had to take Mr. Midas in to Dr. Sheila's. Guess who was there? the Vets who had helped Sheila previously. So, in I come with Midas. Both Sheila and the Army Veterinarian, Major Nina DiPinto, VMD, VC, US Army Reserves examined him and decided on a course of treatment.

Of course, he just ate up all their cooing over what a big boy and how handsome he was and all that. Turns out he didn't have near the problem we thought he did. Anyway, they did give him some stool softener pills (without getting to personal with his medical issues).

Anyway, I had some fun at the Army's expense. But let me tell you, from my perspective, you couldn't ask for a more professional group than these folks. I know the people and animals they treated really do appreciate everything they've done. I know I do. Serendipitously having our two cats being treated by Sheila and the Army made Dianna and me feel really good, not to mention our kitties. And I'm ex-Navy and Coast Guard, not Army. So that's saying something.

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