15 April, 2009

Nectar of the Gods - Delivered

You know, there are some benefits to living in the third world (heh, heh). This is definitely one of them.
Messengers of the Gods
Normally, we don't get three cases at a time delivered, but this is after a long 4-day Easter holiday weekend. We were almost getting down to stems and seeds again, as it were.

I had written previously about the Coca Cola delivery (, which also is way cool, but this, delivering the nectar of the gods, far exceeds it. The only thing that would be better is if it was already ice-cold when they brought it in from the truck.

Not only do they deliver the beer, but they put it near the fridge so you don't have to work too hard to enjoy it. Such a deal! Is this great or what?
Delivering the Message
Wikipedia says that "Belikin is the leading domestically produced beer brand in Belize." That's quite the understatement, since, as far as I'm aware, it's the only beer produced in Belize. Bowen and Bowen, the owners of Belize Brewing Co., have a legal monopoly on the brewing of beer here.

You can legally buy some other beers, Heineken probably being the main one. Of course, you can usually find a way to get Sol or Modelo, or some other Mexican beer without paying duty (commonly known as smuggling), but it's not recommended. Besides, Belikin is nice enough tasting that few folks who live here will actually go to the trouble to smuggle beer in. Other things maybe, but generally not beer.

Well, we've got to go see Tony and Nelly. We're buying an on-demand water heater they have that didn't work out for them, along with a few pounds of bratwurst, made by Tony in his meat shop, before they close up and head back to Belgium for the summer.

When we get back, it might just be time for a Belikin, then pool time!


Anonymous said...

I showed this post to the girls in my office and now they want to know what the cost of one case of beer is?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivin (Vivien?),

A case of 24 bottles of Belikin costs $38.50 BZ, that's $19.25 US, or $0.80 US per bottle.

Also, it doesn't matter whether you go to the distributor and pick it up, or you go to a grocery store to get it, or they deliver it - same price.

A grocery store will charge more for it to be cold (current is so expensive here).


Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,
Boy is my face red! What I wrote about in the last comment re: the costs... Let's try $48.50 BZ per case (math never was my strong suit).
So, that makes a case cost 24.25 US or about $1.00 US per bottle.

Sorry for any confustion this may have caused. Hopefully, you didn't yell at your storekeeper for overcharging you for a Belikin.

All the other info in the original comment is accurate (more or less).

Double Checking my figures,