01 March, 2009

Another Day, Another Party

Sometimes, it seems like it's party, party, party. Tuesday was the bash across the street at the house Mae and Craig just finished - celebrating Mae's birthday. Friday, we partied at Jim's place, celebrating his birthday.

And in between Mack Frost and his son, Scott (both of whom we met via this blog) came to Corozal to visit. They also attended today's party, just to get a flavor or life here in northern Belize, I'm sure.
Earl Gettin' Down With It
Good Conversation
Wendy Under the Palapa
Checking out Snacks
Talk, Talk, Talk
More Talk, Talk, Talk
More Talking and Drinking
Birthday Boy Jim Talking To Roger and Roger
Roger and Earl
Roger and Dick
Nigel, Judy and Roger

Mack and Scott Prepping Fresh Pineapple and Watermelon
Mack and Loreta
Lynn and Nigel
Judy and Visiting Friend
Dianna and Jenni

Gail and Diver Tim
Judy and Deema
Craig and Bill
Christina, Gail and Tim
Carlos Running the Machine
Brad and Scott
Brad and Christina
Barb and Wendy

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