26 February, 2009

Party Across the Street

The day before yesterday, Mae and Craig threw a party at the house across the street from us. It was to celebrate several things: Mae's birthday, Jim's birthday, selling the house, Denis and Vivian buying the house... I guess that's about it.

Everyone brought a dish to share - the usual pot luck fare. Additionally, there was a birthday cake and two others and a couple of gallons of delicious Western Dairy ice cream - chocolate and vanilla.

It was great weather, not too hot and certainly not too cold. Here's a few shots of the crowd attending.
Margy and Sandra
Judy Wearing a Mask
Craig With Michelle and Carole
Elsie and Craig
Billy and Sandra
Craig With Carole and Michelle
Tony and Mae
Tim, Bill and Gail
Julie, Loreta and Richard
Nellie and Tony
Mae, Julie, Elsie, Lynn and Dianna
Mae and Vivian
Lynn and Dianna
Jim Holding Forth
Elsie, Lynn and Dianna
Carole and Craig
Dianna, Craig and Elsie
Everyone Under the Palapa
Dianna, Jim and Pam
Denis and Peter
Craig Making Obligatory Announcements
Dave, Lynn and Cindy
The Cakes
Bill, Denis, Vivian and Julie
Our Next get-together will be this Friday at Jim's to celebrate his birthday (again), eat some food and trade books.

We just don't have time to cram all these social obligations into the days...

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