19 February, 2009

Ninety Degrees in the Water

You know, if it's ninety degrees in the water and around ninety in the air, if there's no breeze, it's really hard to tell where the air ends and the water begins - that is, if you're standing still in the pool.
Dianna and Quackers Showing the Temperature
Other than that, it's a whole lotta fun! Yesterday, Matt and Jen joined us for the afternoon for "pool-time". Their dog, Anna, joined in as well. She really liked swimming in the pool.
Jen and Dianna Playing With Anna
I think it quite surprised our doggies. Cindy didn't seem to want anything to do with it. Secret, hung around, watching. I think she might be enticed into the pool in a few days or so. Cindy will take longer.
Secret's Still Not Convinced
Anna Swimming
Yesterday was a farewell dip in the pool for Matt, Jen and Anna. This morning, they begin a six-day drive north to Winnepeg. Brrrr!
Matt and Anna Enjoying Some Pool Time
Elsie came over today to visit. She and Dianna went over to the grove and checked her's and our banana crops.
Elsie Admiring Her Banana Crop
Our bunch is a little smaller, but you can tell from the grins, the happy farmers are enjoying the result nonetheless.
Dave and Dianna Checking Out Their Banana Crop

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