16 January, 2009

Welcome Back

We went over to Jim and Melanie's place this afternoon to welcome back a friend - Jim Voris. It sure was nice to have him back. Medical problems and all, he was looking very good. It was a fun time.

Welcome Back

Welcome back, 
Your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back,
to that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But those dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Who'd have thought they'd lead ya (Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)
 Here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)

Yeah we tease him a lot cause we've got him on the spot, welcome back,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.
- by John Sebastian - Welcome Back Kotter Lyrics

Here's Jim, looking surprisingly good, considering that just a short while ago, he'd been in the hospital in Florida recovering from a heart attack.
Jim, In A Familiar Pose
There was plenty of snacks to go around, and several conversations going on at the counter, over by the couches, beside the bar, and outside on the patio.
Loreta and Shari Guarding the Snacks
Even though it's been quite cool the past few nights, it was comfortable sitting out on the patio.
Larry, Dianna and Bill
Jim took the opportunity to show off his newest book, Tra$h Man (you can find all of Jim's books at and his new insulated mug. Here, he's sharing a couch with Nigel. Jenni was looking cool with her hair in pig-tails.
Jim, Looking Comfy
Nigel and Little Friend
Here's Bill and Jim exploring behind Jim's bar... always an interesting location.
Bill and Jim Behind the Bar
Bill Behind the Bar
Robert and Lynn had a bit of a scare earlier this week. Their cat, Radar, a grey cervil. had wandered off and stayed missing for about two and a half days. Thankfully Radar returned unharmed.

Cabinet delivery
Well, we're getting closer to having all of our furniture delivered. Just as we got home yesterday afternoon from the party at Jim's house, here shows up the Comfort Rest folks with my overhead cabinets for my workshop.
Prepping the Cabinet to Be Hung In My Workshop
Prepping the Cabinet to Be Hung
It's delivered according to some arcane Belizean timetable I'm sure. Better late than never. Anyway, it is good to get another piece delivered and installed.
Ready to Hoist
You notice one of the workers has on a glove. That's to protect his hand that he accidently almost shaved off his thumb by running his hand through a planner's blades. He still has limited strength in the hand. Since He's the lead carpenter, this really slows down projects and hence, has slowed our project down.
Positioning and Checking for Level
Fastening the Cabinet to the Wall
Dinner at Cactus
Yesterday was a busy day. A party, Getting the cabinet, and finally, finishing off the day with a nice dinner at Catcus Plaza (Fodor's rates Cactus as a great bargain - We went there with Doug and Twyla, Twyla's parents, Calvin and Signa, and her brother, Kelly.

Kelly's getting ready to head down to Costa Rica for three weeks after spending two or three weeks here where Doug and Twyla arranged for him to surprise their folks with an unexpected visit from Afganistan. After Costa Rica, it's back to Kandahar, where Kelly is working as a carpenter at the base supporting the Canadian Forces there, something he's been doing for two or three years already.

It was a nice dinner. For once in a long while, we timed it right. Friday meant that one of my favorite dishes, Relleno Negro, or black soup, was available - it's only served at Cactus on weekends.

I'm not sure what all is in it - chicken, hard-boiled eggs, dumplings, corn, etc. It looks like you're eating chicken in used motor oil and can be off-putting to someone their first time, except it smells really good. But once you try it, yummers! It quickly becomes a favorite. It is one of mine.

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