30 December, 2008

Tuesday Morning Update

Couple more shots from yesterday, finishing up the two block effort. The reason they only went two blocks is simple, really. That's as high as you want to go in order to put in the lower electrical outlets and run wire in the walls. Of course, later all the counter-top outlets will be put in in similar fashion after four or five rows of block have been installed.
Setting blocks in the Guest House
More setting blocks in the Guest House
Here's some more views showing the completed two rows of blocks.
From the Kitchen to Bedrooms
To the Utility Room
From the Utility Room With A Panorama of Sorts
More From the Utility Room
Here's a view showing the height of the foundation and the first two rows of blocks. The walls will be 9' high, so it will be a pretty tall structure even with just one floor's height.
Elevation View
Yesterday afternoon, the guys started digging the trenches for the septic drain field. This morning, they finished and began dumping gravel into the trenches. Then 3" perforated pipe will be laid over the gravel. This will be covered with another layer of gravel, then the whole thing will be covered with a layer of filo.
Digging the Septic Trenches
More Septic Trenches

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