29 December, 2008

Moving Right Along

Just a brief update on progress with the guest house... It's coming along quite nicely. As you can see from the photos below, the walls are actually going up.

This morning, the crew showed up and began laying the first of two courses for today.
First Course Growing Around the Building
Second Course Underway
Here the block work is done for the day. It's actually starting to look like something.
From the Utility Room
From the Kitchen
Although you don't see it here, work is actually proceeding. Two of the guys are working on the septic tank drain field just south of the septic tank.
Again From the Utility Room
Looking Back to the Utility Room
I'm sure there will be more progress tomorrow. the walls will be going up 9-feet, so there's just a bit more to do.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great progress on the Guest House. I think in an earlier life you were probably engaged in building the pyramids. Warm here today. Up to 60' BTW where are the genealogical notes
you promised. Norm