03 October, 2008


It's hard to be real excited about Fridays when every day is Saturday... Well, at least for us it is.

Today began as usual - dog walking at 6:00 AM, John and the workers arriving at 6:30 AM. They don't start the day drinking coffee and shooting the bull about the past evening. Not these guys - they get right to it, cracking on with the pool. John sets a good example.

That's why there's been such good progress so far.

We did have some rain yesterday that brought work to a halt a bit early. No such problems today. Below is a shot of the pool, all covered up, from our front (canalside) pool, showing the tarps covering the fresh DiamondBright.
Tarps Over the Walls
Now, we move progressively in so you can see the tarps over the latest work.
Closer and Closer
Much Closer
Ah, this is more like it. Sunshine is beginning to take over for the day. The tarps have been removed and work is underway.
Last of the Tarps Removed
Mariano Mixing DiamondBright
Finishing the top cap of the pool is the logical place to start. Then they work progressively down to the floor.
Emir Applying DiamondBright
Manuel Cleaning Tiles
Here's another view of the pool, looking toward the east. This wall is just about finished, and man, does it look good.
Mariano and Manuel Working on the Wall
This One's Done
Lumber for the deck has begun arriving. This wood is for bracing the deck. It'll run along the pool edge as well as along a wall, yet to be built.
John and Agusto Talking Lumber
John Showing Manuel How to Apply Wood to the Pool Wall
Now, it's really starting to look like a pool. Here's Mariano finishing the top edge right up to the spa area. This is the one area of the pool remaining unfinished until we get the jets and controls shipped in from California and Florida. California from the manufacturer who sends the items to the pool supply company in Florida, who will in turn, ship them via US Post Office, to us here in Belize.

It seems convoluted... and it is. But here's why. After days of searching online, I finally found a pool supplier (Inyo Pool Supply, who will ship out of the country. I ordered the jets, fittings, and controls from them. They in turn, had to contact Waterways (, the manufacturer, in California. Waterways doesn't deal directly with consumers, so that's why everything had to be shipped back to Inyo. Once Inyo receives the stuff, they'll send it via USPS to us.

I had checked on prices to have FedEx send it. Try $450 US, vs. $125 US with the Postal Service. We need it soon, but not that soon!
Mariano Finishing the Top Edge
Dianna Supervising the Step Work
Not being one to waste time, John checks fitting lumber to the pool sides to support the deck.
John Checking Fitting of Deck Bracings While Emir and Manuel Work Tile
Diamond Briteing the spa seating area
Here it's just about completed. Some cleanup, and if it doesn't rain tonight, in the morning, the guys will be Diamond Briteing the floor with 8 to 10 bags of it just for the floor.
Pool Getting Very White
If you click on the below picture and look close, you can see some yellow nylon line strung alongside the pool - actually, going over the rubble pile. This marks the boundaries of the deck area. So, it will be a very generous-sized deck.
Yellow Line Marks the Boundary
Here's a shot showing Mariano's skill with the trowel on the pump house, and the wheelbarrow width we left between it and the fence.

Now, I have to say, regarding the rough finish. To Belizeans, it's a sign of poor workmanship - everything should be smooth. Boring. It's taken some time to teach them to apply it rough. We like it, they don't. I'm still trying to find a book or catalog or something that shows examples of the many different standard textures used up north to show them what can be done.
Rough Texture and Wheelbarrow Width
Here's Agusto digging small trenches for the pool overflow (foreground) and filter backwash (rear trench).
Taking Care of Trenching
And lastly, heres a couple of shots of our hard working girls. They do work hard. Good watchdogs all night long, then I make them go for a brisk three-mile walk into town and back at 6:00 AM every morning that it doesn't rain. They manage to sleep most of the day since the walk pretty well does them in for a few hours. Even then, during the day, they still keep tabs on who comes by the place and even into the property. They know they have a job to do and do it very well.
Cindy and Secret On Guard
Cindy Hiding Among the Flowers

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Hi Dave, great blog. I don't see any bar stools in the pool. Are you just going to float? What about the Belikens? Do they float? :-)