03 July, 2008

Just Doing Some 'Spearmintin'

It's probably about time that I move thouroughly into the 20th century and experiment with video. My new cell phone has the capability not only for still photography, but can shoot video with sound too.

Not the highest quality by any means, but it might have it's uses once in while. Right now, I'm trying to see just what this all looks like and how it works loading it to the blog and how it behaves for the user.

Let me know what you think. I suspect I won't use it too often, unless I break down an acquire an actual video camera, which I'm not planning to do.

On Elsie's Porch At the Copa Banana
I decided to play around again to get a feel for the video camera part of the phone. I thought you might like to see the pooches at play. They go like this several times a day. thankfully, they do go to sleep fairly early.
Cindy And Secret Playing On Our Porch
This next one, I shot sometime before when we had gone to Patty's Bistro to have dinner with Doug and Twila. It'll give you a glimpse of the inside of Patty's if nothing else.
The Two of Us With Doug And Twyla At Patty's Bistro
Now why did it come up with some video instead of the black Blogger background? I wonder if that's something I can control... Hmmm, well, I guess I'll find out eventually.

This one is different. I took the still photos that Elsie took for us at Isaiel and Amarily's wedding. I litterally grabbed whatever music was easily available and inserted it - just to see how the technique worked. Isaiel gave me a CD of the music for their wedding, which is what I want to use, but just couldn't seem to locate it. Anyway, I've promised him and Amarily a DVD of the pictures. I want to make sure I use the right music before I give it to them. This is a fairly large file for the blog at 16Mb. I hope it doesn't cause any problems.
Isaiel and Amarily's Wedding Slideshow


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the videos even though my computer is old and the video card didnt' do them justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi D&D,

Your videos came thru just fine. I'll be visiting Patti's so it was nice to see the inside.

Oh, by the way, you two look great when all cleaned up (the wedding pics). You've done a great job with the blog and I really enjoy keeping up with your story. I actually read it all in the correct order!

We will be in Corozal 12/23 - 1/4 and would love to meet up with you sometime. I am 61 and my wife Karol is 60 and it won't be too long before we look at retirement. My email at home is Please send me a line and I'll get back to you soon.