02 July, 2008

The Invasion Has Started

Not Iran, our house! Advanced elements from the nearby camp of army ants began invading around 9:00 AM this morning. Perhaps a company-strength unit (+/-250) spread out from the north fence, advancing in steady lines to the house, where they split into platoon and squad-sized elements.

They spent a lot of time in recon of the back porch, then advanced to the railings and further upwards. We saw several teams searching window areas as well.

Shortly after that, we observed major elements returning to their base with prizes. What looked like grains of rice, most likely, eggs from some unknown insect nest somewhere in the walls of the house were being taken one at a time back to their defensive perimeters. We also observed several prisoners being escorted back the same way, usually with several troops providing escort as the prisoners were removed from the battlefield.

Some time later, we saw several squads advancing down the walls of the master bedroom. We never were sure of their entry point, but they continued to reconnoiter the room, eventually shifting their focus to the area above the bathroom (more likely, between the plywood floor on top and the sheetrock of the bathroom ceiling.).

Then, just as suddenly as before, they were gone.

As a safety measure, we had evacuated ourselves and the kitties from the upstairs. The kitties we took downstairs, having seen no evidence of troops there. Ourselves we strategically relocated to the palapa since it was break time.

After ascertaining no troops remaining in the area, we reoccupied the upstairs.

No casualties on our side. Apparently, there were quite a few casualties and prisoners taking involving whatever force had surreptitiously occupied an unknown area of the house.

Now that their mission was accomplished, the black-uniformed soldiers disappeared with as much stealth as they had used on the initial assault.

By the way, this is the standard practice in dealing with army ants. It's just easier to evacuate and let them do their thing. They tend to remove all manner of pests and vermin from your house. You just have to allow them to do their job. They don't raid any of our supplies, they just go after the undesirables - as long as you stay out of their way...

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