03 January, 2008

When the Tide's Out, It's Out

So, this was a bit unusual this morning. Right about sunrise, I noticed the tide had really pulled the water back from the shore.
West End of Corozal Bay - Dry
Or, since the weather person with the Belize Weather Bureau said this morning that temperatures may drop down to the mid-fifties... thanks to Seinfeld, we all know about shrinkage, well, maybe the bay water is having a bit of shrinkage with the cold weather.

Or, maybe this is another Phuket, Thailand... We didn't feel a thing, but that doesn't mean much. I just looked out and don't see any large rollers headed our way - yet.

Here's a shot of Gregg's boat "Do Little" and a Belizean work boat, both high and dry. That's even after Gregg had the slip area dug out so the boats could come and go easier.
Do Little and Work Boat
And finally, here's a view in the other direction, looking toward Corozal. Man, if we had this as the normal state of affairs, we'd have a gorgeous beach front. Ah well...
Looking Toward Corozal
It is cold though. Once you get acclimated, temps in the low 60's are chilly. I'm wearing jeans and actually rode my scooter into town yesterday specifically to buy a jacket. And with temps maybe going down into the 50's... send mukluks, blankets, hand warmers. We're freezing!

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toupeeo said...

Cold man. Glad you got a jacket. Temp on my computer is 10' so I'll have a jacket too. How far from your house is the slip with the boats?