01 January, 2008

And A Happy New Year To You Too!

Well, here we are already into 2008!

New Year's here in Corozal is celebrated with fireworks, similar to Christmas, just not as many fireworks. They do believe in LOUD music from early afternoon straight through the night to about 5:30 AM today. Of course, all we heard was the bass and drums.

Oh, well. Once you kind of get used to it, you can sleep through it with no problem. That's what we did anyway.

Today, New Year's Day, being a holiday, nothing much was happening. About all I did today was relieve Cody, my caretaker and night watchman, so he could go home for breakfast, then again at lunchtime, and finally at supper time.

While Cody was at lunch, I did take the opportunity to partially wire up a door bell assembly. We're going to put a door bell at the front gate. I now have it about half done.

Monday, Franz's guys got here a little early and proceeded to get to work. Doing trim around the doors and windows, working on tile in the bathroom, and filling in the wood floor joints with Plastic Wood.
Abraham Planing Door Trim
Abraham Fitting Door Trim Pieces
Our bathroom tile job is really taking shape. It's amazing the tools used to accomplish the mission...

The tile setter (I spaced on his name) does have a scoring tool to break tile in linear shapes. He doesn't have a water-cooled tile saw, so he uses a small grinder tool with a tile blade to freeform cut as necessary.
Tiling in Progress
Cutting Tile A Different Way
Plastic Wood - Once you smell it in wood shop, it's an aroma you never forget. It still smells the same way. Doing it on a scale like this, it sort of gets overpowering.
Filling the Cracks
I mentioned the doorbell. It was fairly easy to run the wire (no #20 bell wire here - we use paired speaker wire). I did have to buy a fish tape to fish out the wire for the run down the wall. Unfortunately, there was no plastic holder for it, so my tape is a jumble till I can get the holder.
Ding - Dong, Ding - Dong
Fish Tape Gone Awry
I did spend some time this evening when I relieved Cody for dinner. I watched the most spectacular cloud formations over the bay. It was just superb. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it. At the same time, the egrets were coming in to roost in the trees along the canal, along with some velvety midnight black birds, shaped like herons, but much darker. They also roosted in the trees. Altogether a most magnificent sight.

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