27 December, 2007

Winding Down To The New Year

So, it was a slow day... What can I say?

With Isidoro's crew gone, it just doesn't get too loud. They're not gone too far however. They're just across the canal, directly behind our place.

Jose's and Franz's guys are content to work without tunes - something that would drive me nuts.

One of the big things, is filling the floor with Plastic Wood, so that all the cracks and/or other imperfections are hidden. I'll admit, it does look pretty good.
Woodputty at Work
Pretty much, the rest of the day involved either sanding or varnishing. They use a fairly expensive spar varnigh to cover anything that will be exposed to the elements.
Sanding and Varnishing

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toupeeo said...

Wow! Sure feels great to select something and have it right. Wont be long before I see what Dianna does with her creative genius. Been watching your progress every day. Also the temperature. It was one degree here last night.