21 November, 2007

Things're Moving Along

Almost since we've moved to Corozal, I've been meaning to get a photo of this one pelican who roosts on a mooring post near the Thunderbolt dock. Well, finally, the other morning, I did it. I was cruising by on my scooter and happened to see him stretching his wings and stopped. Naturally, as soon as I was ready to shoot, he quit stretching, but it still made a nice photo.
Local Pelican Rules Roost
At same place, I noticed the colors of the fishing boats moored and took a shot of them too. The fishermen congregate right there in a vacant lot to sell their morning's catch from big white coolers.
A Study in Blue
Now, we move on to the current state of construction at the ole' hacienda. Yesterday, the guys prepped the landing form.
Getting the Landing Ready to Pour
Just a Little Bit More Right Here
Here's the rest of the crew plastering the inside walls of the utility room.
Loading Mud on the Board
Smoothing the Applied Mud
Today, the stairs forms should be completed and maybe poured (I'm not sure of the exact sequence of events). So, I'll be sure to take a few pictures

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