17 November, 2007

Recapping the Past Week

The past week was busy - the "chain" as it's called was poured as was the rest of the beams for the foundation... And, well, I guess that was it. Doesn't sound like much when you put it on paper, but it did occupy most of the week, as you can see from the pictures below.
Here's Franz's crew pouring the "chain"
More Pouring the "Chain"
The chain is, in reality, the rebar that encircles the whole foundation and provides the lateral strength to it.
Workers Moving Scaffold
Straps To Anchor House to Foundation
Setting the Forms
More Pouring the Beams
An important part is placing the metal straps that actually join the beams to the wooden structure of the house - there's about 22 or so of them, anchored in the concrete then double-lag-screwed to the wood beams.
Setting the Straps
 Pouring Concrete into Buckets
If this guy looks familiar (he should to Owen and Sandy) it's because I think he followed us down here. We have several blue herons and a few white ones (and about a hundred egrets) that frequent the area.
Fishing From the Bank
Cutting Wood for Forms
Moving the Scaffold Again
Keeping the Area Neat and Tidy - Consolidating Gravel Piles
Pouring Concrete,
Pouring, and Pouring
And More
Protection for the Jacks

Looking At the Underside of the House
Setting Initial Rebar For the Streetside Steps
Concrete Work
Now, for you who might not be able to judge scale well, here's a shot of the smaller croc - the same one that is on our banner, being photographed by Doug. Notice Doug is not approaching any too close.
Shooting the Croc

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody work out the loading on that beam or is it one of those " it's the same as the last one and it's still standing" kind of calculations ?