13 October, 2007

Progress, Progress, Progress, Rain, Rain, Rain

A quick update...

WE HAVE CURRENT! Finally. Thursday morning, BEL showed up and finished the installation of the meter and hooked the wiring up to the transformer. I even signed up for electronic billing. Imagine that!

I contacted the door manufacturer - they should be on-site Saturday morning to complete that installation. They needed current to run their welder for the installation.

I also contacted Anthony Watson, the electrician. He'll be here Tuesday afternoon to wire up the well house with two outlets and a ceiling light.

I've been trying to get in touch with John Harris to have him do the installation and testing of the well pump and related equipment.

Isidoro and his men managed to get in about 5 hours work yesterday, between rain storms. Hopefully, there will be more time (as in days) between storms now.

This is especially important to us as we need to move all the stuff we have in storage at Tony's Meat House. We have a new arrival to take care of that if we can get it up our driveway. It's a behemoth truck!
Our New Vehicle
It's a 1978 Ford LN8000 with a Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine and a 9-speed tranny, split axle. It has a 20' box with a power folding lift-gate on the back. Air brakes and air horn... Power!

We plan to store our stuff in it and park it beside the apartment till we actually move into the house, then, we'll use the truck to store construction materials. Who knows, we might even be able to rent out the truck occasionally.

I'll have more pictures of the truck and current project this evening.

Last night, we went over to Elsie's apartment at Copa Banana to help Jenni and Nigel celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary. Elsie whipped up a great salmon and shrimp dinner and we had two deserts. Jenni brought over some chocolate puffs and Elsie made a chocolate pudding cake. We were all stuffed. It was an enjoyable evening.
The Celebrants - Happy Anniversary!
Jenni and Nigel also brought over a new addition to their family - a Belizean dog, about 5 or 6 weeks old. She was pretty well behaved too.
Dianna With the New Arrival - Coffee
Thankfully, Elsie likes to cook. With us moving, things are a mess at both places, so the dinner was very much appreciated. We offered her a job as our nanny, but she declined, dang it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, The start of a Belizean 'Trucks R Us'or perhaps a rival to Fed Express