16 October, 2007

One Day of Sunshine Does Not Dry Make

Even with all the rain things have been moving along - slow, but moving along. For all intents and purposes, we're out of Tony's house. Dianna will be going over there today with Edna, our housekeeper, to do a final cleaning of that place. All we'll have left there is the stuff in storage and the generator. All of it waiting for the rain to stop long enough for the road to dry out enough to get the truck in so we can load all of it up.

Here's some pictures of our new (temporary) place, thanks to Canadian Bob, who is still in Cuba. That sounds strange to U.S. folks, but visiting the Godless Reds in Cuba is normal for Canadians. After we get our residency, we're hoping to be able to "v-i-s-i-t" there as well. It's actually pretty easy, contrary to what the US government would have you believe.
The Living Room
We're Just Getting Settled In
The bedroom has already been rearranged from the way it appears in this photo - not due to Dianna's penchant for rearranging furniture, but because the wooden hurricane shutters here do not keep out rain water that is blowing horizontally. Serious leakage problems... (Bob, take note).
Kitty's Expensive Toilet Causes Cramped Conditions in WC
Here's the kitchen. Two deficiencies noted here. A wall outlet right next to the sink at counter level - major shock hazard, and lighting. Bob, why did you put a ceiling fan in the living room and think that it would work as lighting for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom? And you're a guy who likes to cook too! Ever heard of task lighting?
Kitchen Getting Settled
As far as progress on the property. We got the well house/trash doors installed Saturday. They look good!
Well House Door Locked Up
Trash Bin Door
Here's an inside shot of the well house. The boxes are the well parts - the deep-water pump, the pressure tank, and the manifold/wiring kit and gauges.
Well House Contents
I've currently got Isidoro and his crew working on our fence. He's doing the long side first as you can see from the foundation trench below.
Fence Foundation Trench
Working on the trench
Isidoro's going to duplicate the long side of the fence at least for our new next door neighbor - Elsie. Below, she's talking over the fence project for her property with Isidoro.
Esidoro and Elsie Talking Fence Stuff
The padlocks that Owen and Sandy sent us finally arrived yesterday. The package looked like a bomb had gone off, but all the locks arrived safe and sound. Thanks guys, we'll be putting them to good use right away.
Gentle Hands of the International Post Consortium
We have more rain in the forecast. This will impact the fence (we have 120 bags of cement waiting to be delivered, along with a whole bunch of rebar. The road to Tony's needs to dry out so we can remove our stored items from his butcher shop, and the roads need to dry out so Franz can move our house from Shipyard to Corozal!

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