04 October, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - And Right On Schedule

A couple of days ago, we went shopping again for a few things. Well, nothing starts the day off like breakfast, so we went to one of the little restaurants above the marketplace. We were just about done when I happened to notice up in a corner of the ceiling this really huge moth. I don't know what kind or anything, just that it was really big.
A Big, Big Moth
That afternoon, we went down to the property to take some measurements as our layout on the computer was skewed (probably due to operator error in the first place). We taped and we measured and scribbled on paper. Then we grabbed some stakes and a small sledge and positioned the stakes to roughly outline where the Mennonite house will be positioned. If you look closely at the picture (you can double-click any of these photos on the blog to blow them up), you can see three of the four stakes and get a fair idea of where it's going.
Measured to Fit
Now, yesterday was a red letter day... sort of. BEL showed up at the property and installed the transformer. Yayyyy!
Here's a sequence of photos outlining the process. FYI, I think the transformer weighs in the neighborhood of 500 pounds.
Spectators Watching the Installation
The photo on the left, the technician is scoring the pole, getting ready to use his gas-powered drill to bore some holes for the mounting brackets for the transformer. The photo at right shows the transformer being hoisted into position.
Cleaning Up the Mounting Holes
Hoisting the Transformer into Position
Here on the left, it's mounted on the pole. And on the right, they're completing the rather complicated wiring to connect it to the power wires above.
The Transformer Mounted
Attaching the Wiring
During the installation process, I met my closest neighbor on Ferry Road. He stopped by to introduce himself as simply "Quinto". We talked a bit. He said he was getting ready to retire in a couple of months and would be coming back to his property on Ferry Road. He said he was born in China and moved to Belize as a young child. He'd been doing this work for 16 years and was looking forward to retirement. He was leaving in a few days to return to Taiwan and would be back on retirement. He said he was looking forward to seeing us again, welcoming us to the neighborhood and we shook hands. Oh, BTW, his name and title is: H.E. Ambassador William Quinto, Ambassador of Belize to Taiwan. You can check out the embassy website at:

So, on with the installation. Here they're actually hooking up the power to the transformer. After measurements, they said we had good current, 240 and 120 volts, just like it's supposed to be.
Setting the Breakers
Ready to Go Live
After the techs got back on the ground, they were ready to install the meter, and called me over. We had the wrong type of meter box (There's always got to be something that doesn't fit into the gameplan). This was about 11:00AM. I promptly called Anthony Watson, the electrician I like to use.

I was very lucky in that he was able to come over about 1:00PM and work on this. As it turned out, he just had to remove some rather large brackets from inside the box to make them work correctly, and replace the ground wires so that there was a continuous run. That cost about $90BZ. No. 2 wire is really spendy down here.

By the time Anthony finished, it was about 4:30PM, and he even called the BEL techs and told them the installation was fixed and ready to receive the meter.
Anthony (left) and Helper
Replacing the Box and Pole In Position
I also talked to Anthony about installing outlets and a light in the well house. I'm not sure yet when that's going to happen.

Well, after a hard day's work, it was time for some refreshment. We went out with Elsie and met Craig and Mae at Chon Kong's Chinese restaurant. A bit spendy on the beer, but the food was excellent. We will be going back.

as unusual for a restaurant here in Corozal. it was nicely decorated!.
All of Us Were Drooling, Ready to Eat
Today is sort of a red letter day too. I get the rest of the forms out of the well house, and get the doors installed too.

I should also get an estimate and bill of materials from Isidoro for the fence.

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Cheering you on in the electical area. Good pictures too. Hadn't seen the restaurant before. Maybe in a couple of years.