01 October, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

Today, Dianna, Elsie, and I started off with a yummie corn flakes breakfast. Then it was off to town for shopping.

The first place we stopped at was a furniture factory Bob had turned me on to. Located near Menzies VIP Services, this place purports to be able to build just about anything you can provide a picture of or describe. They said they make all the couches, etc., for Courts - the big furniture chain here in Belize (who seem to specialize in setting up time payments more than anything).
Dianna Talking to One of the Carpenters at the Factory
We'll come up with some ideas and take them to the factory (Comfort Rest Products, here in Corozal). Dianna may be able to reproduce her favorite sectional.

After looking at lots of options for fabrics and talking about possibilities, we left there and went to see if we could find another furniture factory I had noticed months ago behind Caribbean Chicken. We found it (Manny's Furniture, also in Corozal). They only make over-stuffed couches and chairs as it turned out. No fabrics, etc., to look at there.

So, after Manny's, we went to the Corozal T-Shirt Shop, to see if we could find some string-shoulder tee's for Dianna. No luck there.

After that, we went to Scotia Bank so Elsie could get some cash, then we went next door to B's Store to look at some books and "knicky-knackys" as Bob calls them.

And from there we went to Dee's Store to look at their tee's with no luck.

Then, we strolled up the street to another shop that was rumored to have a good selection of tee's. Same story.

From there, we went to Frank's Meats so Elsie could reserve some salmon to pick up after we had lunch.

On the way to lunch at Miss June's, we decided to get mundane grocery shopping out of the way at Dee's Supermarket on College Street, including refilling two 10-gallon water bottles.

Lunch was at Miss June's Kitchen back down at the bottom of the hill on College Street. We all had roast pork with rice and beans. Superb as always. Leaving Miss June's we actually heard an advert for her place on LoveFM. Too cool. We knew her before she became famous!

After lunch, we went back toward Frank's, stopping at the marketplace to buy some fruits and veggies from Peter and Sylvia at their stall in the market. From there, we picked up the salmon and headed back home to Tony's place.

We sat around talking about our accomplishments for the morning, and then decided to have some wonderful chocolate cake Miss June had packed up for us.Yummers!

Well, by that time, it was time for a nap. That was going well till my phone rang. It was Vasco Windows and Doors, letting me know my doors for the well house and trash bin were done, but they wanted to know what color I wanted them painted. They had them all primed and ready to paint.

I jumped in the Isuzu and headed there to see the doors and to let them know they couldn't install them till Friday because the roof forms wouldn't be coming out till Friday morning.
the Well House Door
the Garbage Bin Door, Both All Primed and Ready to Go
BTW, doors will be painted black. I can't wait for them to be installed. Then, all we need to do is get the damned transformer in and we can have the electrician set up a plug or two for the well pump, etc. Then the projects to that point will be DONE!

Now, Elsie is preparing some mango salsa for supper. We'll be eating about six-ish. Want to join us?

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