22 September, 2007

More on Independence Day Parades

Indented below is the old text for this entry. The software gods finally relented and allowed me to upload more pictures - granted only two at a time instead of the usual five at a time. But, who's complaining.
This should be where I would load up more hopefully interesting pictures covering the Independence Day parades here in Corozal Town. Unfortunately, the software is acting up and for the past couple of days, hasn't let me upload any pictures.

Trust me, they were all really cool parades and all the pictures were amazing and, well, picturesque... That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
So, to carry on with the story... As with the previous Independence Day entry, the first photos are of the Children's parades that came the day before the big carnival parade.

Here's a small group of kids who apparently escaped parade duty and got to watch from the sidelines.
Taking in the Sights
They weren't the only ones with a great view of the parade around the central town square. This gent, atop one of the original Fort Barlee walls (circa 1876), is taking in the view and enjoying the sun.
Viewing the Parade
With a children's parade, schools are a big part. Here's a few more representations. It's amazing how many schools are in this area.
Schools on Parade
Schools on Parade
More Schools on Parade
More Schools on Parade
And One More For Good Measure
During a parade, sometimes there's a parade within the parade. These folks were on their way during a short break in the parade action.
Hitching a Ride
Ok, now we move on to the following day, Independence Day, and the Carnival Parade. The kids below, really struck me, so I snapped them as the parade marches past.
The Gang of Three
Here's an interesting fish float for one of the participating organizations.
Fish Tales
Gearing up for the many "jump-ups" after the parade - dances, that is, to you northerners. They pretty much all involve really loud music, and lots of reggae and soca, trance and dancehall, local punta music is very popular too. Dianna and I really like reggae and soca, especially roots reggae and soca, cause its fast and flashy.

To get that loud sound just right takes a jump-up sound system like the wall of sound below. Out of sight in the front of the float is the sound board, amps, and generator. It literally produces a clear wall of sound... Follow the leader, leader, leader... Follow the leader, leader...
A Wall of Sound
Hey, here's someone enjoying the parade. She does look kinda familiar.
Dianna Enjoying the Parade
Everybody wants a good place to watch a parade. Like in Olympia with folks placing their chairs at their favorite vantage point a day or two before a parade. These two ladies obviously know someone who runs the Texaco station in town. They're up on the roof of the station having a good time.
A Good View
As with the earlier parades, schools make up a lot of the participants. On the right below are students from one of the technical schools in the area, to the left is the teacher's union.
More Parade Organizations
More Parade Organizations
Students Parading in Their spiffy Uniforms
Students Parading in Their spiffy Uniforms
Here's a shot up the street of some of the crowd watching the parade.
Some of the Crowd
and More Students
and Yet More Students
Some of the Chinese community (remember the dragons from earlier?) passing out candy to the crowd. No liability problems here!
Passing out the Loot
What would a parade be without girls in nice dresses and tiaras with that corny "royal wave"?
Royalty on Parade
No Shriner's with their mini-bikes... Here we have the full-sized thing from a local cycle club
Some Hot Bikes on Parade
Some political and military dignitaries took part in Corozal's Independence Day Parade.
Big Wig's on Parade
The celebration theme this year - Independent, Strong, and Free! Echoed in banner after banner throughout the whole parade.
Banners and banners
A proud participant in the parade, the Ministry of Works. These are the folks responsible, day in and day out for maintaining our potholes in their pristine and plentiful condition.

Potholes R Us!
This school is located on the highway leading toward Orange Walk. I think it's funded by the Mexican government as a good will gesture.
Yet Another School
Well, we didn't have the Shriner's mini-bikes, but we did score the Mexican Police Motorcycle Drill Team. These guys really thrilled the crowd. A big hit for sure.
Mexican Police Stunting on Two Wheels
More Mexican Police
Mexico helped with the Independence Day parade and celebrations by providing several units to the parade. Below is a drum and bugle unit of the Mexican State Police from Quintana Roo (the state where Chetumal is located). Very good sound - tight!
Mexican Police Drum Corps
Here's my favorite unit. I have no idea where these guys are from. They really looked rag-tag, but they played pretty good and were my favorite band.
The Rag Tag Guys

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