16 August, 2007

Dean's All Grown Up

We always said we wanted to come down here during the worst part of the year, you know, to see if we really liked it. Well, we're getting what we wanted. Dean's all grown up now and has become a full-fledged category three hurricane.

It looks as though the brunt of the storm will pass to the north of us, taking aim at Cancun and other resort locations on the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, but it probably will pass close enough that we'll at least get some wind and rain out of it.

Here's the latest projection from the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It looks like by Sunday evening we should begin feeling some of the effects of Dean.

There's not really much we can do to prepare here at Tony's place. We'll move stuff away from where water can come blowing in and protect the computers, UPS, TV, that sort of stuff. Then it's "hunker in the bunker" sort of thing and see what happens.

We'll try and take some pictures if anything exciting develops. But if stuff really starts flying around, forget that.

Hopefully, we won't lose power or communications, but that's more tongue in cheek than anything. It's so fragile here that I'll be surprised if we don't.

Hurricane Dean and It's 5-Day Projected Path

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