15 August, 2007

Cool and Tasty

I forgot... A couple of things I've done over the past couple of days.

I purchased a bunch of rolls of insulation. A 3/16-inch thick foil/poly/foil R-19 insulation that I'm planning on using on the ceiling of the house and on the walls too.

I got it from a website called insulation4LESS ( on the recommendation of Ed, who you've read about earlier. This insulation will help keep the house cooler than without it.

I'm shipping it to LA for Roy and Son Trucking to bring down to Belize. The truck is scheduled to leave either this Friday or next Friday for Houston, so timing may just work out.

The other thing I've done is purchased a reverse osmosis water purification system, also being shipped down here by Roy and Son. I got it from Free Drinking ( This will work well, even if the well water is salty.

Oh, yes. I also called Franz yesterday and told him we wanted the well driller as soon as he could get here. So, I'm excited about getting him on scene and a well put down. Of course, I'll take pictures of all that too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Real glad to see you are paying attention to Dean, based on the track projections today, it likely will touch you! My thoughts are with you.

On another topic, I will be visiting Cuba Dec 28-Jan ?? and then would like to come over to Belize for a bit, Elsie and I will likely wander around and do some diving etc. I would like to know if you have room for me for a few days early in January but I'm not sure of the dates yet.