18 June, 2007

Good Times, Bad Times...

It started off innocently enough. I had posted a piece about dining at "Munchie's".

"good times, bad times,
You know I had my share"
Led Zeppelin, Album: Led Zeppelin I

Jenni emailed me wanting to know where Munchie's was... Oops, I corrected that post quickly to "Butchie's". After a chuckle all around via email, Jenni invited us to meet with them for lunch at Corozal Bay Inn. We readily accepted.

We had always talked about going there, but just never quite got around to it. You know how things go.

So, anyway, yesterday, we all met at the Corozal Bay Inn <> at about 12:30 PM for lunch. Everyone at our house had had a light breakfast, and we were definitely ready to put the feedbag on.
Clockwise from the left: Elsie, Dianna, Dave, Nigel, Annie, and Jenni
So, here we were, around the table, under the palapa roof of the bar, pool and beach nearby, nice breeze from the trades off of Corozal Bay, cold drinks in hand, great conversation, our orders placed for food - what could be more perfect?

I suppose that one, if they were really picky, might suggest actually getting the food. I don't think that would seem unreasonable.

On with the story. We had gotten through two rounds of politely nursed drinks and at about hour 1, the bartender arrived with a plate of conch ceviche that no one at our table had ordered. After getting that straightened out, as he departed, he said our orders would be up in five minutes.

As hour two came and went, along with the anticipation of our food arriving, it really began to dawn on us... Two hours. TWO HOURS??? and not a nibble at the table?

the Corozal Bay Inn's Website says:

"The "hot" spot is the "coolest" place in town... The "Rainforest Restaurant & Poolside Bar" has meal service available from 8:am until 11:pm... Patrons can enjoy dining while overlooking the Corozal Bay, the swimming pool and gardens. Hand-carved tables and chairs bloom with colorful flowers. All day long, the menu offers a wide selection of tempting entrees, with a list of wines and champagnes to compliment the meal..."

That is, if you every actually get any food. We don't know, because we never got any. We also didn't get an apology from anyone. From the bartender; the manager or owner, whatever he was; or anyone!

How the Corozal Bay Inn was awarded a "star" from Fodor's Belize 2007 is beyond me. Unless... But, we won't even go there.

Needless to say, we went next door to Tony's Resort and Inn, where we did get service - speedily and with a genuine smile. And, it was as tasty and enjoyable as we had imagined our lunch was going to be.

If you want a great time in Corozal, do yourself a favor and avoid the Corozal Bay Inn.

One can only hope they find the way to fix their poor attitudes and extremely poor service. The setting is great and the atmosphere could be great, if there was any service to go with it.

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