23 June, 2007

Apparently, It's a Learned Skill

Oh, the hacking, the slashing, the gore. And still the little begger just laughed at me! I was almost totally ineffectual in my first attempt to open a coconut.
Becoming a Professional Coconut Opener
In my defense, I tried to do the deed while still preserving most, if not all, of the coconut's milk. This is a lot easier to write about than it is to actually open one properly.

Here I am, psyching up for the actual first whack. I at least made contact with the thing - a glancing blow. There were a few more glancing blows, and finally, actual sharp side of the blade contact was made!
Easy Way to Lose a Thumb
The victor and the vanquished. I even managed to save a teaspoon of the milk. This calls for more practice. When Cody does it - one whack - the top is neatly lopped off and nary a drop of milk is spilled. It's got to be magic.
Open At Last, Open At Last
At least the meat of the coconut tasted good. By the time we leave this place, I should be a crack shot, or whatever they call it. We only have twelve coconut palms surrounding us

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