09 May, 2007

Where We Live - Tony & Nelly's House - The House

We're taking a look at the inside of the place.

First up, is the computer (naturally) workstation area.

Then from the workstation, looking at the living room area and the TV - DirecTV Satellite. Only local channels are Chetumal, Mexico ones. Anything from Belize City doesn't get into the system. Sort of a disconnected feeling.
Now, we're looking across the main room, which comprises the workstation area, TV/Living Room, Dining Area, and Kitchen, toward the guest bedroom, which has its own bathroom with shower.
Here, we're looking from the front door toward the dining area and kitchen, showing the back door, which we don't use other than as an air vent.
This shot is looking from the guest bedroom toward the big room of the house. It also shows the entry to the bathroom.
This is a shot of the guest bedroom, featuring the (ta, da) bed.
This, as you may guess, shows the guest bedroom closet and storage area. No door on the closet to facilitate air movement.

A shot of the kitchen. Simple, yet effective.

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