09 May, 2007

South African World Travelers Visit Corozal

While we were heading into Corozal this afternoon for a monthly Friendship Luncheon Meeting of expats in the local area, we spied the following parked alongside the seawall in Corozal.

During the course of the luncheon, we decided to drive back the same way to see if it was still there and to perhaps take a photo or two of it.

As we pulled up, a lady, who I assume was half of the group traveling with the Rover, was putting some tables away in their own outside accessible compartment of this rig. I asked her if she minded if I took a few photos. Her answer was "Not at all, go right ahead". Which I did. However, being the novice news hound that I am, I totally neglected to get her name, or her story, or anything else of interest... dang it! What a dunderhead stunt. At least I got photos and found from the rig that they are from South Africa and from the map, that they are definitely travelling around the world.

It's a pretty unique vehicle. Definitely caught my eye. As we were pulling away, Lola and Johnathan, from our luncheon group, pulled up on their bicycles. So, with luck, they got the missing information. I'll let you know.

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