19 May, 2007

Proof in the Pudding - We Really Are Packing

Although it may not look like it, we are close to being done with packing. This is because we aren't taking all that much with us. Virtually none of the furniture is going as you can see from the picture of our living room below.
We Should Have Brought it All With Us
The white fluff-ball in the lower corner is Midas, one of our two cats. They're both going.

Here's a shot of my office, in it's usual tidy state. Believe it or not, it's pretty much all packed up. The computer, modem, router, and printer all go - none of the furniture.
My Office
As proof that there really is packing going on, here's what our basement looks like. We've got about 40 boxes packed up so far.
About Half-Packed
I've even packed up my bike. I scrounged around and found a bike box at Oly Bikes, an employee-owned bike shop in downtown Olympia. They were busier than any bike shop I've been in lately. They were kind enough to sell me a box for $5.00US, complete with all the plastic bits and bobs to protect the bike in transit.

They also advised me to Google for instructions on how to pack the bike. Which I found an excellent series of videos at A series of 15 short (one to two minute) videos guide you through the whole process. It's easy.
The Bike Too
More boxes all packed up and ready to be taped up - ready to go.
Boxes and Boxes
Here's the raw materials including Styrofoam peanuts. I debated whether to get the biodegradable peanuts or not, deciding against it since they were water soluble and decompose when wet. I decided that with the humidity down in Belize, that it probably wouldn't be worth the risk to have the peanuts decompose prematurely.
And More Boxes
Other than the Kitchen dishes, pots and pans, and spices to be packed, we're just about done.

Next comes getting the place cleaned up and organized for a garage/moving/furniture sale.

During that time, we'll be renting a Uhaul truck, and taking the boxes down to Roy and Son Shipping in Los Angeles. Owen and I will make a quick road trip out of it and fly back - probably from Long Beach ($79.00US each).

Then we clean up the place, pack ourselves and the kitties up and fly south. We're looking to be back in Belize around June 9, or so.

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