19 May, 2007

In the Midst of Packing, Time for Refreshment

Eight hours for the service of God and distressed worthy Brethren, eight for our usual vocations, and eight for refreshment and sleep. - Important words in the Masonic Obligation.

Ah, lets get to that refreshment bit. Here's the gang getting properly refreshed at Tugboat Annie's, our favorite spot at West Bay Marina, in Olympia. On the left is Owen, Don, and James. On the right, Dianna, Sandy, Shelly, and Shelly's dad, Jim.
The Whole Gang
Marggie and Jason behind the bar at Tugboat's. Tug's has a Website: with lots of pictures of other folks getting refreshed. They also rent kayaks. I know, weird combination, but it works.
Marggie and Jason at Tugboat Annie's
Here's Bud and Durgan - Olympia's very own "Bad Boys of Magic". They provide some of the best table magic you are likely to see anywhere in the country. Bud and Durgan never fail to amaze and astound everyone! Catch them at Tug's on Thursdays.
House Magicians - The Bad Boys of Magic
Our own favorite couple - Jason and Tammy. Both work at Tugboat's. Tammy's studying to become a nurse. Great people!

Jason and Tammy
Now here's the real culprits - Dave and Owen.

Great beards think alike!

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