08 May, 2007

Made Our Reservations On Tropic Air

To make our trip to Phillip W. Goldson International Airport, as easy as possible, yesterday I made reservations with Tropic Air to fly from Corozal to Belize City. The route goes from here to San Pedro, then to Belize City and the IAP.

We'll have Cody take us to the airport, although we could just as easily walk, except we'd be all sweaty for the flight. That wouldn't be proper.

We have to be at the Corozal airstrip at 11AM, the plane leaves at 11:30AM, arrives at San Pedro at 12PM, then we arrive at PW Goldson IAP at 12:30PM. Our flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth departs at 3:55PM. RON (rest overnight) at DFW - we made reservations at an airport hotel, we'll fly out to Seatac at 7:30AM on the 13th. We should be in Olympia by 11:30AM.

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