10 November, 2016

Thursday After

This is for Thursday, 10 November, 2016. All but done with hurricane season till it rolls around again in June. All but done with the election and whatever is going to happen.

April, Voicing Her Displeasure With the Construction
I'm not really sure if she's doing that, as much as she's trying to tell me that I should let her into the Mennonite house so she can have some quiet time too.

Shadow Play Gecko Style
Starting the day off right, we lowered the sun shades on the veranda. I was sitting there enjoying the last of my coffee and noticed this shadow on the shade. A gecko (or geiko as they say here in all seriousness) on the screen outside the veranda. So here we are.

Getting Ready to Pour Ramps
The morning got off to a good start, except it was hot today. Walking the girls this morning, I sweat like it was the middle of the summer.

Till the Machine Factors In
Yesterday it worked fine. This morning, it wouldn't turn over, no matter what they did. Finally, after an hour or so of hard work in the hot sun, it cranked.

In the meantime, mixing concrete by hand and humping buckets of it was slow, energy consuming work.

The Last Bit on the Deck is Cast
This is the wall-side from the drain trough. Cast early on so it should have time to be worked just like the rest of the deck.

Bullnose Will Look Great
The bullnose, which goes completely around the pool will look great. Once the Diamond Brite is applied, it will look outstanding. I can't wait to see it in its finished form.

Colored and Stamped
That last bit of the deck on the house side of the drain is done and soon all will be cleaned and should look great. I think the coloration will be superb. Although the powder is purple the effect is kind of a burnished gold color.

The Circular Stair/Ramp Landing

The pad for the circular stair and the top landing for the ramp have been poured, colored, and stamped. Things are moving right along.

Ramp Landing
The west ramp landing has been poured, and colored, but no purple powder yet or stamping. I think it was done shortly after I took this shot. You just can't be everywhere all the time.

Backstop for the Waterfall
The sloped backstop for the waterfall is being put into place. the stone tile will be applied over that surface virtually all the way up the wall. That is going to be so dramatic (I hope).

So, it's the end of the workday. the guys are covering either end with plastic to keep dogs and cats off the surfaces. That's it till tomorrow.

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