02 November, 2016

Monday Rolls Around Again

This would be Monday, 31 October, 2016. Also known as Halloween.

Here's what was happening with the project.

Forms Going Up for West End of Deck
The project is entering the final stages. The way I can tell is the forms to cast the pool deck are going up all around the place.

Forms Up On the East End
And, as we swing around the other direction you can see forms also are in position.

And Forms on the North End
The same for the west side, forms are going up here as well.

Attaching Half Pipe to Wood As a Form
Along with the forms on the outside areas of the deck, the inner areas need forms as well. That inner area would be the pool itself. "How do you put forms up around the pool," you might ask?

Well, this is how it's being done here. We wanted a sort of bull-nose effect for the edge of the pool, so a creative solution was developed.

Mounting Pipe Half to Pool
hat half-pipe form gets attached all around the pool and forms the inner form. It's going to be quite cool when it's done.

Mounting Forms to Pool
Even the pool corners get the treatment.

Removing Improper Paint Job
Unfortunately, one thing that has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in the works is the metal beams. Since they are galvanized steel, they were supposed to have had Ospho applied all over. In addition to stopping the progression of rust on a surface (by changing the rust from iron oxide to iron sulfate through some magical process), it essentially etches the galvanized surface, providing a 'tooth' for primer. Then this is followed up by the finish coat.

What happened was, the classic lack of understanding. The metal man's employee who was tasked to finish the beams, didn't apply the Ospho nor the primer coat. He just sloshed on the finish coat. Well, the first rain we had after they were installed allowed the paint to sag in several places. It began to slough off everywhere. We have little flecks of blue paint all over the pool, and the deck area.

Mario had to call the metal man back. So he and his crew are spending a couple of days, at least, stripping the beams, applying the missing Ospho, priming and finishing the beams in situ. It would have been a much easier job at his shop, I'm sure. like I told Mario, if that's the worst that happens on the project, hey, we're gold.

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