19 November, 2016

Gray Saturday Morning

Saturday, 19 November 2016, and another work day. Mr. Nelson's upset this morning. He likes to go downstairs (the basement) of the Mennonite house and snooze all day up in the top shelf of my storage area.

He can't do it today, as we're having Tulio (Arrest-A-Pest) come spray the Mennonite house inside, upstairs and downstairs. Nelson is just impossible to coax out from down in the basement, so it's a lot easier to keep him out in the first place.

There is some consolation however. In the new house, he's discovered his alternate hideaway. It's in the laundry/utility room off the kitchen. We keep the laundry basket up on a shelf by the window. He likes to sleep in the basket. That way he can keep an eye on the outside as well as the utility room and kitchen. Not as good as the basement, but it'll do.

Grouting the Tile
This morning, the grouting of the little tiles in the pool began. It's going fast too. Really makes the blue tiles spring to life.

The Top of the Waterfall
Not permanently in place yet, but the top of the waterfall will have pieces of stone tile covering it at an angle. The water will come between it and the vertical tiles.

Trial Run With A Hose
You can't really tell from the photo, but our first trial run of the waterfall was by hose, just to see if the water would cascade down the face of the waterfall. It did, and it looked and sounded very nice.

The successful test gives us the green light to go ahead with our ideas for the waterfall as they have been.

Pump Rigged For A Test
Bani rigged up the waterfall pump (a half-horse number) with flexible vinyl tubing to try it out by actually using the pump to provide the water for the falls.

After the pump was primed, water was drawn from a bucket and up and out at the waterfall head.

Cutting Concrete Casting Sprue
Theo is using a grinding tool to cut out casting sprue of concrete from where concrete oozed out during the casting process.

Bani Priming the Pump
I mentioned priming the pump, here Bani is doing just that. With luck, the next time we have to prime it, is if the pump needs to be taken out for repairs.

?? Cutting Slot in Waterfall Pipe
Theo is cutting a slit in the water pipe at the head of the waterfall. Mario is keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Inspecting the Cut
Mario checking the cut. He came up with a good idea about having a small light over head, possibly attached to one of the beams, with its focus on the waterfall. Maybe have one with a multi-colored light that changes colors periodically.

Happiness. It Works!
Theo is very happy that the waterfall is working just the way that we thought and hoped it would.

Water Actually Cascading
You have to look closely, but there is water and it's cascading down the rocks just the way we thought and hoped it would.

Dianna and Mario Talking Waterfall
Dianna and Mario at the far end of the pool talking over the pool and the waterfall.

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