22 October, 2016

Saturday Has Arrived

That is, Saturday, 22 October, 2016. Of course it's a work day here at Casa Winjama. I would just as soon take the day off myself, but we also want to get this project done.

Not that we're in a hurry or anything. Just tired of having workers hanging around. It's the same with any construction project. It starts off with hugs and kisses and towards the end it's 'Don't talk to me. Just get done and get out of here.'

Not that we don't like Mario Zetina's crew, we do. They're excellent people and their workmanship is superb. We just want our privacy again.

In the mean time, like I said... It's a work day.

Blocking in the Beams
Mortaring shortened blocks in place down the whole length. As I understand it, there will be like a veneer of blocks across the front to block off the opening of each of the beams. As Endher says, 'To keep the geyco's from moving into the beams. Thanks to the GEICO gecko and those cute TV ads, nearly everyone down here calls them 'geyco's' and not 'gecko's.'

A Little Better View
Here's a little better view showing the beam ends and the blocks going up. It's going quite fast too.

The Reverse Side
And a view from the back side of the blocks. The beams are certainly strong enough for the workers to lay boards over them as a walkway.

Raised Pad for the Filter
Moving from the beams to inside the pump house. This is a newly cast pad for the pool filter to sit on. It's about three-inches high. You can see openings in the wall for the skimmer line, main drain, and backwash.

Window Louver Reinstalled
The window louver got installed late yesterday afternoon. They did a very nice job installing that. This is the louver from the old pump house. In fact, most of the stuff going in here is returning to service from the old pump house.

Skimmer and Main Drain Labeled
A little better view of the openings for the filter. I think this is going to end up being a very clean and well laid out pump house.

Sample For Deck Drain
We've been hoping to find something to use for a deck drain. I'd like it to run along the house, in front of the sliding glass doors, bathroom door and utility room door. It would be nice if it was all one run.

There doesn't seem to be anyone carrying actual deck drain material down here. We thought about shipping it in, but then this alternative showed up.

Detail of Sample
Mario found this. It's 1-1/2" or 2" electrical conduit. It also comes in 3". I opted for the 3". Now, Mario is looking how he can get grooves cut in the top to allow the water to enter the pipe.

If you look close, the lid or top pries off, so that would be perfect as a deck drain. I think the 3" is necessary for the potential amount of rainfall we could likely get.

Old, Crappy Hinges on Door
While the welder was here working on the beams yesterday, he was going to install the pump house door. It's welded in place with rebar sunk into the wall around the door and then the door is welded to the rebar. It becomes quite strong and long-lasting.

What isn't so strong is the crappy hinges that are used by almost everyone around here for metal doors, hatches, etc. He told me there is a good hinge available that can be lubricated and it only costs about $2.50 BZD per hinge.

Compared to the $0.20 BZD per hinge, they do seem expensive. Until you think that I've had the original installer back either two or three times to replace or repair broken or damaged hinges on this door, a gate, and our well-house door. For want of a little grease, we're keeping somebody in business. The welder will be bringing three lubricatable hinges on Monday. If those work as well as he says, I may spring to get the whole batch replaced.

Overall Shot of the Beams
Here's a nice view looking from the patio to the pool showing the beams and the block work. Pretty impressive, I think.

Filling Ends of Beams
The veneer of blocks going up with some stuffed in the ends of the beams to fill the hole, then it will be all plastered over.

Cutting Blocks Down to Size
The rock quarry, where the blocks are being cut down to size with a grinder and a  cutting blade. This brings to mind the song 'Breaking Rocks in the Hot Sun' by the Bobby Fuller Four , released in 1966. It was written by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets - Buddy Holly fame.

The Debris Pile
And here's the debris pile. Hot and dusty.

Hanging on the Laundry Line
I was on my way back from snapping the rock pile and this caught my eye. Hanging upside down, it's my drawing for the ramps. Looks like it might have gotten damp or something.


Wilma said...

I can finally see how it will be! It looks terrific. Please post more details about the hinges. I think we could use some!

I know what you mean about your privacy. We have a fantastic crew of 2-3 that work here, the best guys ever. We recently switched from a 6 day work week to a 5 day work week and everyone is thrilled, especially us. Saturdays are so much more relaxing when I don't have to be up and dressed by 6:00am ready to get them started on the latest project or maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I would appreciate more information on the deck drain once you have it figured out and installed. We will be going down a similar route in about a year.

The pool looks great and I am impressed about the attention to Geycos prevention!

Take care,


Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,

I'm pretty excited about the project. I'm ready to hang out in the pool, soon!

When I find out about the hinges, I'll post it. I'm sure there's quite a few folks that would be interested as well.

It's not that I want to sack in, I just want to be awake without strangers traipsing around. Right now Sunday (today) is the only day I can do that, but chores, etc., from the rest of the week have to be done then, so even that isn't all that relaxing. Soon.


Winjama said...

Hi Dennis,

I'll let you know how this bit works out. My only worry is cutting the slots in the top. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll post what I find out.