24 October, 2016

Monday, Monday

Monday (24 Oct. 16) lived up to it's name this morning. I tried to get a jump on the week and make it down to Atlantic Bank to deposit some money so I could make my payment to Social Security (Belize). Of course I forgot to bring my passbook. No problemo. I've done that before. They just look up the number and everything goes nicely.

Uh, not this morning. Forty-five minutes after joining the line, I made it to the next teller. I hand her my cash and the deposit slip and explain I forgot my passbook. She tells me she can't look up the number. I don't know if she doesn't know how to do it, or if there's some reason that their computer system won't cooperate in looking it up. She does tell me if I go get my passbook and come back, that I don't have to wait in line. Just wait till she's done with her current customer and jump in. I told her I'd be back later.

I zipped home, grabbed my passbook and hotfooted it back downtown. I got back in line at the tail end, since I would have felt guilty jumping in, even though she said I could. So, another forty-five minutes (I've become Belizean in more than having a nationality certificate. Waiting in line for me has really become as much an activity as doing something.) and I get up to the next teller - thankfully, not the same one as I first had.

I completed my deposit and left. I stopped over across the street at Fred's place (Corozal Virtual Office) and got a replacement mouse for the one that started acting up - even after major cleaning the innards. My sounds on the PC stopped some time ago. I had already consulted with Fred of what to do. My motherboard doesn't have the slot necessary to add a sound card, so I thought my only option would be to replace the motherboard.

Fred had a novel solution. He had a USB thing (technical term) to convert from USB to audio. I bought it and had TUNES once again. Caribbean roots, Bob Marley, Soca, Punta, Salsa, all on AccuRadio. Years ago, I used to subscribe for close to ten years to and listened all day every day.

Well, AccuRadio is the successor to It's almost the same thing. Close enough. Probably drove people I worked with nuts. luckily my cubicle was away from everyone elses. In fact, it was more a private office than a cubicle. I had turned off the flourescent lighting overhead and all my lighting was warm incandescent stuff. I had plants and my tunes. I was a happy camper.

Anyway, back to the present day and time. Once I got back here with my purchases, Monday became much more tolerable. Here's some photos to kick off the work day.

Beam Ends Filling In
Once the beams and block additions get plastered, they're going to look pretty good. It's already looking good. I can't wait till the shade cloth gets applied.

Determining Positioning of the Pump
Bani does double duty as electrician and plumber for Mario. Here he's figuring out how to manage the connections for the main pump.

Continuing Block Fill
Endher is continuing with laying the blocks to complete the extension of the beam. Not much more to do.

Back Side of Pump House
This is a shot of part of the back of the pump house with the window, showing what a clean installation it was. Nice job.

Backside Pump House Detail
A detail of another part of the back of the pump house showing the returns for the main drain and skimmer, along with one of the ports for the heating system, which has yet to be installed. It's not part of this project and is still in the 'I'll figure out how to do it' stage.

More Stuff Moving Inside
It's nice to see more of the working stuff of the pool, the filter, and pump inside. It's beginning to look like the project might just come together.

Scaffolding Always On the Move
The scaffolding is on the move almost constantly. Here it's being moved back to the west side to plaster the beam and blocks. I didn't get a picture of it this evening, but there's forms up on the west side of the west beam, if that makes sense. They're going to cast concrete there instead of putting in a block veneer. I 'll snap that in the morning.

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