06 October, 2016

In Between Wednesday and Friday

In Between Wednesday and Friday. Well, that must make it Thursday, right? 06 October, 2016.

Work continues on the column forms.

Removing Motion Light and Speaker
The chain will fit right under the 'eave' I guess you'd call it of the pool house. Of course this necessitates moving the electrical outlet that is right there, the motion light, and my stereo speaker that I just about sweat blood to get it installed. They're going to re-position all three. I'm hoping the motion light on the outside, the outlet still under the eave somewhere, and the speaker just slid down a smidge, also under the eave.

You Can See It Easier Here
This photo gives a little better view of the activity under the eave. The speaker has already been dismantled as has the light and the outlet.

Pump House Chain Corner
Here's the corner chain done above the pump house. I like the way it turned out. I don't think you can tell to much from this picture, but the column on the right of the photo, doesn't quite join up with the pump house by about a foot or so.

Mario proposed and we seconded, putting ten or eleven glass blocks in that space, probably blocks with fish and other nautical stuff as the design. That might look really cool, along with the waterfall across the face of the pump house.

Dianna, Charlotte, and Colleen Beading
While all the construction is going on, there's a goup of ladies who have been getting together a couple of times a week to do Beadwork. Here, they're hard at work making little sun-catchers or something.

I spent the afternoon making and baking a mayonnaise chocolate cake. It was a two layer job. Baked up and came out of their pans like I knew what I was doing. The frosting was from Martha Stewart, so you know it was rich.

My First Chocolate Layer Cake
Reports from the field testers were that it was moist and flavorful. All built from scratch too. No cake mix for this boy. No-sir-ee. Not so sure that I'll rush into doing cakes and the like any time too soon. It really doesn't float my boat.

Chain Casing Done on East Side
you can see the completed form is beginning to creep around. My guess is that they're going to be casting the chain tomorrow.

Chain Casing Near Done on West Side
And it's creeping around on the other side as well. In fact about all that is left is the form over the pump house.

Showing Join To Building
This photo shows how the form joins the house on the west side. They had to remove the porch light, so I'm hoping it gets re-positioned to be useful.

Corner Chain Ready for Form
The last piece of chain formed this morning, and it will be the last piece of chain encased in the form in the morning with casting the whole chain shortly thereafter, if everything goes as planned.

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