05 October, 2016

Hump Day At Casa Winjama

Started the day off right at 5:30 AM, with an invigorating walk with the girls. Four-and-a-half miles, plus some short stops for pee breaks for the girls, picking up mail at the Post Office (Deeohgee hit the jackpot with two complete absentee voter information packets from Washington State),
and a stop to pick up some meat pies for breakfast, and back home in under an hour and fifteen minutes.

I said she hit the jackpot, because those packets were huge, so she knew she was carrying something important.
We Did It Over A Week Ago!
Of course, the fact that Dianna and I had already voted a week-and-a-half ago (24 September, 2016) by email never entered into the discussion. I think Deeohgee could have cared less one way or another.

More Chain Boards Going Up
This is an exciting part of the construction. For some reason, it seems like this is really moving ahead fast, maybe because it's so visual.

Douglas Mounting Form Boards
What Douglas is fastening to the columns is the wood board that anchors the rest of the chain form. Well, the sticks help support it when those get installed, but this is the first bit that holds things up.

Indir and Erwin Cutting Form Boards
They're cutting the boards that make up the chain form. It's all pretty dense and heavy mahogany. Cutting is no easy task. It takes its toll on saw blades and saw motors. You can hear it as they cut. The motors really strain. No, it's not because they don't know how to use the tools, it's because the wood is very dense and very hard. Also, it's green, for several reasons. One, so they can cut it, and two, so it can be nailed and flex to hold the concrete when that's added. Otherwise, if the wood was dry or seasoned, it's doubtful that they'd be making near as much progress as they are.

Markup Begins for Accessibility Ramps
The beginning of marking stuff up to build the ramps. The ramps will essentially be mirrors of each other at either end of the pool deck. They will give Dianna easy access to the patio and to the parking area. She hasn't been able to get down to the patio since her accident, so once the ramps are operational, the area she can access easily will have increased dramatically. Besides, the patio has always been one of her favorite places to hang out, and I know she misses it.

Chain In Position on East Side
Things continue to move at a rapid pace. I didn't even know the steel had been moved into place till I stuck my head out of the kitchen sliding doors and, there it was. I'm hoping I can catch this next on as it goes into place. I have no idea how they do that.

Looks Like a Roman Aqueduct
Here's another shot of the East side steel. From this angle, it really does look like a Roman aqueduct.

Next up, I'm guessing, will be the form sides and bracing, then pour.

High-Wire Act
I had never really thought about it before, but traversing over the span of the chain is necessary to get things aligned correctly. Here's our performers venturing along the high-waire to ensure it's seated correctly.

Fastening the Sticks
Before the steel gets positioned, the sticks making up the forest have to be cut to length and fastened to the bottom form board.

Here - Catch This!
Did I say 'High-wire act?' Well, let's liven it up a little bit. Try tossing pliers back and forth, well, at least one way anyway. Daniel, on the right, almost took a header off the perch, reaching to retrieve the pliers tossed by Endher. End of the workday hijinks!

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