23 January, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 88 and 89 - 22-23/01/16

Painting, Tiling, Repairs, etc.

Day Eighty-Eight and Eighty-Nine, 22-23 January, 2016

The past couple days have had a dearth of photos. That's because the guys are, for the most part, tiling the house. Every time I headed down to take some photos, visually, I could see substantial progress being made. But, when I looked through the viewfinder, not so much. So, generally, I didn't take a photo.

Till today. Tiling is still going on, but they've moved all the stuff out of the utility/pantry/laundry/storage room (whatever it's called) and are getting ready to paint it and do some other miner fixes in there.

For now the bathroom linen closet is in the office. We just don't have anywhere else to store this stuff till more tiling is done.
Bathroom Linen Closet in the Office
Across from it is the bed, box spring and mattress.
The Bed is Also in the Office
I didn't notice right away, but right behind the mattress is the bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet.
The Vanity is Hiding Behind the Bed Also in the Office
Also, Omar is in the office, along with the headboard for the bed, and the new, one-piece toilet (same as the one we installed upstairs in the Mennonite house. He's finishing the piping and stuff for the laundry hookup.
Omar is Working on the Washer Piping
In the utility (et al) room, just a refresher on some of what needs to be done. The filled spaces for the window (the big square on the wall), and the A/C (small square) need to be finished and painted. Well probably the whole wall needs painting.
Painting to be Done
Another view of the room, you can see the laundry hookup in the corner, still needs finishing as well as a couple small through-holes for water piping.
Utility Room Empty Once Again
There's been progress in the bathroom. It's pretty much painted. You can see below, the area where the backsplash will be tiled after the vanity and medicine cabinet are installed. Tiling needs to be completed here before that stuff can be moved in.
Bathroom Painted and Ready for Tile
Tiling in the bedroom is coming along. The Thinset is getting a bit thick toward the wall because of unevenness of the floor.
Bedroom Tiling Nearing Completion
Dining room tiling is coming along as well. Couple more rows and it'll be done.
Dining Room Tiling Almost Done
The kitchen storage has been reoriented somewhat.
Kitchen Storage
Here's the kitchen looking at the other direction.
More kitchen Storage
The laundry hook-up in the utility room is now done and ready for painting.
Laundry Fititngs Done
It's still a work in progress on the office side, but, not much more and it'll be done too.
Office Laundry Piping Being Finished
Masking tape is coming down all around the ceiling of the walkway and veranda.
Masking Tape Being Removed From Walkway Ceiling
Looking toward the veranda you can still see the masking tape.

More Masking Tape Being Removed
Finally, Dianna's shaving shelf is installed in the bath and is ready for tiling.
Shower Shaving Step
And the controls for the shower are being worked on. This presented a bit of a problem because the controls were seated a tad too deep in the wall, but that's being addressed.
Shower Fittings Being Worked On
The futon and baseboard trim and some other stuff is temporarily out on the pool deck. I asked the guys to remember before they leave for the day to put it inside, or if it starts to rain. You can't be too careful, you know.
Temporarily On the Deck
One more shot of the dining room which will probably be finished this afternoon.
Dining Room Tile Almost Done
A new development, Omar is laying out lines and a ledger board to start tiling the shower.
Omar Laying Out Ledger Board to Tile Shower
Last but not least, I just about five minutes ago, got a call from Peter's Glass Shop in Spanish Lookout, letting me know that they will be here Monday to install all the window louvers, sliding glass doors, and the roll-up door. Woo-hoo! Whole bunch more photos to take. I better make sure the camera is charged up and ready to go.

There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.     


Wilma said...

The end is in sight! Good thing you aren't trying to live in the same space. We got our windows and doors from Peter's Glass as well. They are great quality products.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Thanks for your comment.

The dust alone would be a killer! Yes, the end definitely is in sight. We're more than ready for it to be over. Not that there's problems, just the intrusion into our daily lives.

I agree, Peter's Glass - good products and good service. They work in conjunction with Capital Factory here in Corozal, so that makes it easy.