21 January, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 86-87 - 20-21/01/16

Compost, Paint, Carving, Tile, Shower Shelf,

Day Eighty-Six and Eighty-Seven, 20 - 21 January, 2016

 I came back from walking the girls to find Carlos already hard at it. He was carving out a bowl in the large rock I had placed in the center of the cemetery ring. Here, he has already got the plant inserted, and has started adding compost to the rest of the ring.
Carlos Carved A Planter in the Stone
 Mondays and Wednesdays always start early when Carlos is on the job. He's adding more compost to the cemetery ring.
Carlos Adding Compost to Cemetery Ring
He's not the only one who starts early. Carl's crew is on the job too with Errol edging the wall paint against the ceiling of the Bedroom.

Errol Beginning Final Coat of Bedroom Paint
Tile work is continuing to progress. Here the living room and office, in the background, are almost done, as far as tiling. Of course, the grouting has yet to be done.
Living Room and Office Tile Almost Done
Just as tile has been making its way into the dining room, so it is with the bedroom.
Tile Has Made It Into the Bedroom

Errol is working hard to get the painting finished. It seems, for whatever reason, that the concrete is thirsty and is absorbing enough paint that a second and third coat is often necessary.

Errol Painting Final Coat In Living Room
I mentioned the tiling going on in the dining room and here's the proof. Omar is going full-steam ahead.
Omar Heading Into the Dining Room
Tiling in the west walkway is done. It's just waiting for the grout to be applied.
Westside Walkway All Don but the Grout
I'm guessing, but I think that the tile will be moving into the bathroom in the morning. the bath will have the same tile as the walkways.
From the Bathroom Into the Bedroom
If you look close, down toward the bottom, and just off-center, you'll be able to make out the markings for Dianna's shaving bench which will be added to the shower.

Pencil Mark For Shaving Bench in Shower
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    

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