10 December, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 52-56 - 02-10/12/15

Finish Color and Texture

Day Fifty-Two - Fifty-Six, 04 - 10 December, 2015

This marks the start of actually applying colored mortar and texture to the walls, inside and out. There's going to be very little paint used on this project.

Before we get to that, I wanted to show the screen openings and drain pipe that will be at each walkway opening, except where there's doors. These will help keep the wood frames of the screen material from staying in contact with rain water, which should make them last much longer. I'm not too sure about the bit of pipe remaining on the inside. That may need to be trimmed flush with the lip otherwise water may collect to either side of the pipe.
Another Walkway Screen Drain
Ok, here we are with the color. This is the tan mortar that will be over all the walls and ceiling of the walkway and veranda.
Showing Tan Color and Texture
They got the louver window out of the room that will be the utility/storage room and have it blocked in already. Fast work.
Utility Room Window Removed and Blocked In
Likewise, the A/C unit that was still in what will be the dining room has been removed and blocked in. The louver and burglar bars have yet to be removed from this room.
Second A-C Removed and Blocked In
Looking really rough right now is where the controls for the shower are located.
Shower Control Rough Opening
It's hard to see at this stage, but the round white thing is the pipe cap for the shower-head.
Shower Head Rough-In
Texture has been applied to the northeast doorway of the addtion. Waiting for the color to be applied.
Outside Texturing on East Doorway
Inside the utility/pantry showing the window and A/C openings all blocked in and ready for final plastering and color.
Inside Utility Room All Blocked In
This is inside the dining room. The curtains and holders still have to come down, as does the window. A good portion of the wall will be coming down as well since the dining room will open onto the living room and help make each seem a little larger.
Dining Room Blocked In
The terra cotta color of the mortar has been hard for the guys to match, but I think they're getting close. They're waiting for Carl to get back with a bit more yellow color which should make it just perfect.
Dianna and Errol Contemplating Terra Cotta Color
Errol is holding a sample of the new color mix of terra cotta. That's the correct shade. The bit on the wall in the background is not - it's still a bit to light.
Errol Holding Right Color Wall Has Wrong Color
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.  

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