13 June, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Grab Bag

Just the usual collection of stuff that isn't necessarliy connected to anything else, or anything in particular.
For those folks who live partially or fully in the bush... Have you ever noticed that as a vehicle comes down the road, before it ever becomes visible, all the squeaks, and rattles long precede the sound of the engine? And, that it's kind of musical too. Sort of like someone banging a rhythm on the cymbals and triangles way before they hit the tom or bass drums?
I'm still trying to find how to get my custom font installed for the blog banner. One of the days it'll be successful. I'm also working (slowly, to be sure) on figuring out the DNS scheme, so that I can get that corrected as well.
Something new... I had a lower molar pulled yesterday. Remember a while back, I had gone to Belize City with Carlos, and Sara, and Jeff? This is the result. Dr. Sinai, in BC was planning to mredo the root canal, but the bone damage was too great. Only thing left was for Dr. Cima, here in Corozal, to do the deed.

Next comes getting a bridge made and installed (Is that the right word)? I have three stiches. The extraction was done on Monday. It's now Friday. Things seem to have healed up quite well. I'm pretty much back on normal food now, instead of soft and mushy. I have an appointment with Dr. Cima on Monday to see what the next step is. I'm assuming that it's to begin the bridge fitting process. I hope so anyway.
Has anyone run into the two-step authentication process that seems to be taking over the intertubes? If all I had was one machine it'd probably be fine. Having a PC, an iPod, iPad and a so-called 'smart phone,' it becomes infinitely more complex and confusing. I still don't have it sorted out.

Same goes for setting up e-print to use with our HP printer fun, fun, fun. Oh, and don't get me started on Google's Drive, and gMail, etc., etc., etc. Ahh, the simple life that technology has delivered to us. Uh-huh.
Our Roomba, Carson, is currently terrorizing all three doggies. They're all inside right now because the weather is blowing and raining, or it was anyway. Deohgee and Secret don't like Carson at all.

Bela thinks she's got Carson all figured out. She can lay in the mmiddle of the room and Carson will bump into her, but then he just normally turns away and happily goes off in another direction. Not this morning. He ran over her tail and I think she though he was going to eat it. She scooted right out of his way, and has been somewhat gun-shy since.
So far, with the wind and rain this morning, it's not looking real conducive for a pleasant pool party this afternoon. The forecast said only a 50% chance of rain, and the temperature was supposed to be 88 or 89 degrees (f). Without the wind and rain, that would have pretty much guaranteed that we'd be in the pool most of the afternoon. It may be one of those days that gets cancelled. Bummer. Well, we'll see. There's still time before we have to make a decision.
Hey, how about those Mets, eh? Er, I mean, those Jaguars. The Belize National Football Team. Real football, not that American version where fifteen minutes of action is crammed into three hours of commercials. They just defeated the Dominican Republic 2-1. I'm amazed that they're staying alive in the World Cup qualifyings. Woo-hoo! Big ups to the team!
This is the second day that the girls and I haven't been able to go for walkies. Our road just becomes too slick and mucky. Marl, the stuff that makes up our road, is a combination of clay and limestone, which, when wet, has the surface feel of ice, and the consistency of yogurt. Not frozen yogurt, just plain old yogurt.

In fact, yesterday, there was a front-end loader from the Dept. of Works up by the trees where the Chinese lots are. It was shoving the muck off of the road to the side and expanding the side a bit. Of course, that does nothing to improve roadside drainage - there's nowhere for the water to go, except on the roadway, which makes the roadway marl that much muckier.

So far this morning, it has done nothing but rain, so you can see where this story is going. Thankfully, the area from about Sara's house to the aforementioned trees is staying together. I should they finally put over sixty dumptruck loads of large rock in the roadbed there after we wallowed in about three feet of mud for most of the rainy season two years ago. It'll be interesting to see how long it holds up, or whether it will sink into the netherworld and become a quagmire again.

Of course, it's still too early to guesstimate how much rain we're likely to get this season. Anyway, day two of no walkies, and the doggies are already looking at me as if I'm mean and cruel. Deohgee and Secret probably (or not) remember from other rainy seasons, the days on end of no walkies. Bela has no knowledge of that as this is her first rainy season, so for her, I just a meanie depriving her of a fun activity. She'll learn.
This morning, I've got to go into town, by vehicle, to the pharmacy for drugs and such, and a stop by Balthazar Vasques' place, to see about getting a sheet of the perforated galvanized steel, like they used on the screen doors. I need it to be painted black like the doors, and cut into five-inch strips across the narrow end. I've got to replace the metal we used on the porches up at the eves to plug the gaps up there.

The old stuff is completely rusted out. In fact, it's falling out in small chunks. To its credit, it did last six or seven years. But now that it's falling apart, the bugs, mostly mosquitos, are finding it no problem to get into the porches. As the rainy season progresses, this will become much more a necessity to have fixed. Better to do it now.

I stopped and saw Balthazar. He'll get a piece and cut it to my specs (I hope). He's also going to prime it and paint it black - after everything is cut. So, with all that prep work, it might even last longer than six or seven years.
A quick note on the pool. I checked the temp this afternoon. at about 2:45 PM. It was 84 (f). Wow. Better than I expected. If it doesn't rain too awful much, it might just be a pool day tomorrow.
The weather just isn't going to cooperate this afternoon. We went ahead and cancelled the pool party. Water in the pool was probably too cold anyway.

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