15 June, 2015

Belize Jaguars Advance to Next Round

Yesterday, the Belize National Football Team - the Jaguars, have for the second time, defeated the Dominican Republic football team, 3 - 0. Belize advances to the next (third) round in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches.

CONCACAF is the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football. It is the governing body of men's and women's soccer in the region. 
Football Federation of Belize Banner
I thought you'd like to see the team logo too. We tried at the start of the season to order official team t-shirts from the Belize City vendor, but they were unable to come through. Maybe we should do our own through Belize t-shirts, right here in Corozal - the way we do the Polar Bear Swim t-shirts.
The Jaguars Team Logo
Belize got goals from three different players in beating the Dominican Republic 3-0 to advance to the next round.

Harrison Roches got the first goal for Belize in the 17th minute and teammate Elroy Kuylen added another first-half goal in the 38th minute. As the second half wound down, Deon McCaulay added an insurance goal to secure the win for the Jaguars.

I was able to find out when the third round of World Cup qualifying matches will be held, but I couldn't find out who Belize plays in that round, nor could I find any other information. News at this level of play is very hard to come by.

Anyway, congratulations and very big ups to Belize's Jaguars! Keep winning!

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