02 April, 2015

Little Bit of New Stuff

For those of you who are visual types, I mean very visual... That is, really, really visual, I present the following:

Up in the upper left hand column, you’ll notice something called ‘Winjama’s Window On the World.’
[Well, not right now you won't. Because of the switch back to Blogger, the gallery had to be redone using different software, but, I'm working on it and it should be up and running soon... Right now!]
Window On the World - Glass Shop
Our Window On the World

If you hover your cursor over the text in the column, you’ll notice some sub-menus that appear, drop-down menus listing the years from 2007 through 2015. If you click on any of the years, you’ll be shown in short order, a gallery of most of the photos we’ve taken for each of those years.

Altogether, there’s over eight-thousand photos. Feel free to look at as many as you want. It’s more or less a chronological listing of our journey to date here in Belize.

I’ve decided to break each year’s batch of photos into monthly items for that particular year. It was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

There you have it. I hope you enjoy the shots. Few if any are anywhere near professional quality. I never said I was a pro. Prolific yes, just not a pro.

COMMENTS - Posted here as part of the message because I can't figure out how to transfer comments from InMotion back to Blogger.

Hi Julian,

Faceplants are the worst, aren’t they? I done that three times, each time while walking my dogs along the seawall in town. It’s always tripping over tiny pebbles or sticks or something. You know it’s happening, and you seem to be falling in slow motion, but just don’t seem able to get a hand or arm up in time to prevent it. Thankfully, Haven’t done that in a couple of years (knock on wood).

Thanks for the speed info. That’s good to know. I’m working, as we speak with the authors of the Spamshield software that appears to be slowing the system from my side down drastically. Spamshield isn’t the cause, but the result. Anyway, testing is going on to see what’s happening. Things should get squared away soon I hope.


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