30 March, 2015

Relaxin' At Mangrove Park

A brother of the Corozal Men’s Group, who fairly recently passed away, is being remembered in style and comfort at Mangrove Park here in Corozal.

The members wanted to do something to remember Ed, and we wanted something useful, other than just a placque. We also wanted something that would let Ed’s wife, Marianela, and their son, Thomas, know that we want to remember him as well, and that he was a significant member of our group.

What we ended up with is useful and fitting, and is something that will get a lot of use, not just by members of the Men’s Group, but by the Corozal public at large. It’s a picnic bench which is located near the middle of Mangrove Park, which is in Finca Solana, on the northern side of Corozal on Corozal Bay.
Ed's Bench
Ed's Bench in Mangrove Park - Photo by Craig Timmons
In fact, several weeks ago, we had one of our meetings at Mangrove Park, in order to christen the bench, and see just how well it performs.
Ed's Bench - Full View
Ed's Bench - Full View - I Think This Also Was Taken By Craig Timmons
Suffice to say, it passed with flying colors.

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